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Oooo, sweater!

I know I just posted a few hours ago, the first time in a few weeks, but hey, I’m blogging without obligations these days and there’s a cute sweater that I wanted to post about real quick before I forgot about it.

Cassidy from Chic Knits (.com)

Cassidy from Chic Knits (.com)

I totally want to make Chic Knits Cassidy. I’d make it with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Jalepeno. It would make my grand total for this sweater $38 ($32 for wool [16 balls at $2 a piece] and $6 for the pattern). If anybody wants to get me a (belated) wedding gift or an early christmas/birthday/new year’s/easter gift, this is it!


Cardigan Progress

(Don’t forget to scroll down for the contest!)

I’m getting there. I have to sit down and crank out the stiches today, but I can certainly get it done. This little cardigan is taking longer than I expected but not as long as I feared.

I’ve had to make some changes along the way, no major ones, but ones I wouldn’t have been brave enough to make even 8 months ago. It’s amazing how the learning curve works in knitting: fearing a process, getting through it, and then realizing it wasn’t so bad and that it allows you to do so many more things than you thought possible.

That’s one of the great things about this cardigan: I’m realizing how much I’ve grown as a knitter and how fearless and competent I’m becoming. I feel like I can go off the beaten path and solve my own problems now. A year ago I would have set the project aside worried that I’d make a terrible mess of it. Now, I know that it will be wonderful. Isn’t this great? I love knitting confidence!

(Don’t forget to scroll down for the contest!)

Knitting News

At my reception, I found out that my cousin Tracy’s baby is being baptized on Sunday. You know what that means, baby knitting!

I scoured Ravelry for patterns, and found a bajillion I love. The winners for this project are:

From Woolly Butts: The Chiara Cardigan (rav link)

Photo Courtesy of Woolly Butts

Photo Courtesy of Woolly Butts

This cardigan will be knit in Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in colorway 149 Stone and, for accents, colorway 112 Berry. The edgings and the stripe in the middle will be in the berry color.

I’m also going to knit up some Better-than-Booties Baby Socks by Ann Budd.

Photo Courtesy of Interweave Knits

Photo Courtesy of Interweave Knits

Beyond knitting for baby, I’ve been making progress on the Gentleman’s Socks with Lozenge Pattern for my father-in-law. I had to rip them out and start over because I goofed on the lozenge pattern during graduation – I thought I had the pattern memorized. Oh well. It’s coming along well.

Gentlemans Socks with Lozenge Pattern

Gentleman's Socks with Lozenge Pattern

Cowl-Neck Vest Progress

I’m also making progress on my cowl-neck vest. In a few more centimeters I’ll be ready to graft the shoulders together and start on the cowl. After I get knitting for baby done, I’ll finish up the socks and vest. Maybe another 2-3 weeks on these?

Cowl-Neck Vest Progress

I also have a bunch of projects I can’t wait to start. And I also have a ton that have been on the back burner for a while. Such is the way of knitting, though. Too many interesting projects and not enough time to get them all done.

For one, I can’t wait to get going on some Cap’n Crunches. I’m going to use my Mission Falls wool to make some of these (the striped socks just were not working – this is a much better use of the wool!).

photo from Ravelrys Cap Crunch pattern information page

photo from Ravelry's Cap' Crunch pattern information page

I better get knitting…