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It’s a Snow Day. Who’da thunk it?

It’s been a few days since the last post. Those days were spent fighting with my Internet source, battling this cold that keeps hanging on (it’s turned into sore ears, a burning throat, and coughing, but it’s still just a cold according to the doc this morning), meeting with new professional contacts, house and pet sitting, and taking care of life stuff.

As I sit here clicking away at the keyboard, I check over my shoulder every now and then at the progress of the road crews cleaning up this latest storm to hit the Boston area. The snow began early morning and the storm warning stays in effect until Thursday morning. I believe at the last update we’re supposed to get 10-15 inches of snow in this storm, and another is coming in on Saturday. Considering the last few winters were mild, I really shouldn’t complain about the inches we’re getting this year. It goes in cycles.

The snow this winter has given me ample opportunity to think about some of the differences between living in rural Maine and living in urban Massachusetts. When I comment on the weather, people ask where I’m from. I respond that I’m from Maine to which they say, “so, shouldn’t you be used to this?” Well, yes, to some extent.


Gabe climbing out of the car and over the bank when we ate at the S&S in Cambridge last week.


There are quite a few differences in dealing with the snow and cold in Maine and dealing with it here on the coast in Boston. For one, most places I needed to go in Maine were too far away to make walking reasonable; so I drove everywhere. I never dealt much with slushy, snowy sidewalks in central Maine, nor did I have to try parallel parking on a narrow street lined with cars and snow banks taller than my car. As far as I know, there also are not many places that have the wind tunnel effect in Maine in the places I lived, other than when I was on campus at UMaine. That was tough. I’d have to say, though, that the Back Bay of Boston is colder and windier than I remember UMaine being. Anyone else have experience being on campus at UMaine in the winter to chime in on this?


A few cars on a side street in Cambridge. I snapped the shot to illustrate how lucky I am to not have to try parking in an area like this!


In addition to the differences between Maine and Mass, this winter has given me a chance to contrast the living environments I’ve thought I wanted and the one I’m in now. When Gabe and I first started looking for a place in Boston, I wanted a nice apartment with charm and character in a well-established neighborhood. Instead, we’re on the frontier of the city surrounded by new construction and parking lots. If I had it my way, I probably would have been parking on a street like the one shown above. Instead, we’re living in a newer apartment building in the city and the car is in a parking garage two blocks down. Thank you, Gabe, for finding this place and talking me into it’s merits! After this winter, I’m so grateful to not have to shovel out my parking space, the walk, and clean off my car once a week! To those that do, I commend your efforts this challenging winter!

* * *

Gabe and I spent the majority of the weekend in Marblehead house and pet sitting. I used the distraction-free environment to chip away at filling out online job applications and updating my materials at various job databases, as well as make some progress on my novel. Gabe caught up on Modern Warfare:  Black Ops. We both have our priorities, you know. His avatar’s rapid footsteps and gunfire was competition with my typing. It’s hard to say who won.

From Marblehead, we went to Belmont for a gaming party with some friends. The gaming parties are always a blast. There were a variety of games in play, but I sat at the Small World table twice and then played all of the expansions of Playtest (We Didn’t Playtest This at All, We Didn’t Playtest This Either, Blue Cards, Dice, and Chaos)  and then Bang! The Bullet. Great games. I want to buy them all for my own collection. We also played Once Upon a Time with the Dark Tales expansion at the end of the night.

What was interesting about that night in particular is that for most of it, Gabe and I sat at different tables gaming (there were probably 20 or so people there). A few years ago, I don’t know that it would have happened. I used to be closed off and unable to interact with people without a shield. I was very proud to realize how much I’ve grown, and it’s good to know that past decisions in relationships are showing their value.

I just checked:  Yup, it’s still snowing. Thought it may have stopped by some miracle. I hope you have a good and safe day this snowy Tuesday. I’m off to make some ginger and thyme tea to chase away this cold!


It's a snow day.

Public Garden, Boston. Photo by Sally Chen. From Boston.com’s Facebook album.

We got about 18″ here in Boston so far, and the snow will continue until late tonight. Perfect day to snuggle in under the red fleece blanket I bought freshman year of college and sip on coffee and finish reading The Waste Lands by Stephen King. Gabe’s gone in to the office for a few “freebie” hours.

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Knitting on a Snowy Afternoon

I can’t believe it’s snowing, again, and it’s March 31. Geeze. And it’s not just snow, it’s the nasty freezing rain and snow that is fondly known as a wintry mix. Blech. Blargh. What’s better on such a gross day than hot cocoa with chili powder and knitting!

I finished the heel flap and the turning of the heel today. Now for the gussets and the foot!

I made the leg shorter by 2-1/2 inches because I want these to be lighter spring socks. That and my calves are a little too thick for the number of stitches cast on. I’d have to cast on more and decrease in order to make them fit well. I am really starting to like the colors on this sock! I liked them, then didn’t like them, now I really like them!

In other news, we named Little Bit Clarence! Thanks for all the suggestions and votes on the last post. We decided to go with Clarence because that is the first name I thought of when thinking of names. He’s a real-good napper and bed-maker. And he likes his hamster ball but it’s a little too big for him right now. He’s a little over 3″ when stretched out nose to tail and the ball has a 7″ circumference. I might go get him a 4″ or a 5″, depending on what the smaller size is.

I have mountains of grading and prep work to do for this week so I probably won’t be posting very frequently this week. I hope you’ll excuse the silences. 🙂

Art, Snow, and Breakfast

Yesterday, Allan and I went to an art show at Lord Hall at UMaine for John Whalley, a Maine artist in his fifties. The graphite piece above is The Carpenter (1996). This is one of his many pieces, but I spent nearly half an hour studying this one because of the intricacies of the detail and how wonderfully the sweater was treated. Below are some photos I took of the piece at the exhibit.

I simply love realist art. Is it any surprise that John Whalley and Alan Magee are friends? And they’re also my favorite contemporary artists (well, among the many). And they’re both from Maine. Rock on.

We left the exhibit to find this:

This one is for all the people out there jealous of the snow. You can have it. I’ll even go out, shovel it up, box it, and ship it to you.

And then this morning Allan and I went out to breakfast at Dysarts. I love taking photos of breakfast: the food, the setting, the people. I love breakfast. It is by far my favorite meal of the day. Unfortunately, as a teacher, I get up too early to eat a “real” breakfast. I always end up eating cereal, or toast and jam, or a soft boiled egg and toast. Not that those are not good breakfast meals, it just leaves something to be desired. This morning, Allan and I split a meal. It came with two huge blueberry pancakes, two eggs over easy, and a huge piece of ham. I also ordered a blueberry muffin to go with it. There simply were not enough blueberries!

The spread.

What we took home as leftovers for Allan’s brother. There’s a second layer of pancake under that visible one. I told you they were huge.

The bill. I love feeding three people a mega-breakfast for $11! Gotta love truck stop restaurants!!

Egads. More Snow?

If you can’t quite tell how much it’s snowing in this picture, look at the building. This is the bank next door to my apartment building and I took this picture looking out my window because I was certainly not going out for a photo-op.

What does this mean? More time for planning the school week ahead (yes! I am well enough to return to my kiddos!) and more time for knitting (ugh! it’s become stressful now!).

Last night, after posting, I sat down with my brother-in-law’s scarf I began in January in a moss stitch and to practice my continental knitting and purling. Believe you me, this is not the best way to practice. Or, maybe it is. Either way, I spent about 45 minutes on it and decided I simply could not knit anymore because it was making my brain hurt and my fingers ache. You see, they keep wanting to knit in the old way, not this new way. It’ll take a long time to build up new muscle memory.

I Got Da Blues

Today is yet another snow day for me. I had every intention of sitting down and finishing up some sewing projects today now that I’ve inherited (well, not recently, more like 6 months ago) an old sewing machine from my MIL. I had been borrowing one from a friend before that and when she needed it back, it left a few projects incomplete. I pulled out the sewing machine, dusted it off, and sat down to wind a bobbin, then I remembered: this machine can’t wind bobbins anymore. I don’t have a single wound bobbin. And there’s a blizzard raging outside. So much for that. I guess the lap quilt and cloth pads will have to wait until I get the other sewing machine I inherited. Yes, I inherited two sewing machines within a month of each other. Talk about a windfall. One can wind bobbins but can’t keep tension when sewing, and the other can sew all day long but can’t wind a bobbin. Maybe next summer I’ll buy a machine that can do both!

I was hoping to actually sew up some of the cloth pads I blogged about this summer. I got all the materials, cut out the pattern pieces, then got busy with coaching, subbing, and then my new job at Monmouth. Oh well. I’ll have to wait until Allan can bring my other machine down from Orono.

I suppose I’ll work on some reading and knitting today. It’s too bad, though, because I really wanted to sew. Oh well.

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