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Training Update

I got on the treadmill today, first time in about 6 or 7 days. I pushed out 1.4 miles in 20 minutes at the 4.3 speed setting on my treadmill. Not too bad. For those keeping score at home, that’s the same distance as usual with two minutes shaved off. Not too shabby for a week off, huh. The difference? I ran 4/5 of the distance this time, instead of about 3/4. I’m slowly building stamina. Now I need to build distance. I’ll work on time later.



Amy and I found some road races to run:

March 16 Kerrymen Pub Road Race 5k

May 17 Habitat for Humanity 5k (I haven’t mentioned this one to her yet.)

And this summer we’ll move on to 10k’s and maybe some half-marathons.

Not a Whit.

I didn’t run a single step since last time I blogged. I haven’t knit a stitch in a week. And I haven’t read a single page for pleasure for about two weeks. Why? you ask. It’s because it’s the end of the quarter crunch. That means I am frantically trying to be sure I covered all the material I needed to, make sure my students will be prepared for their final exams (those having them), and encourage my students to get their projects done. And then, when all this gets piled on my desk this coming week I get to grade it. Yippee. There has to be another way of accomplishing this enormous task.


I ran today: 22 minutes and 1.33 miles. I’m starting slow and building up. This post is more for me to keep track than anything else 🙂