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I’ve been a married woman for 3 days now and I have to tell you, I love it! Granted, nothing significant changed other than being able to file taxes jointly, being able to consolidate our student loans jointly, and having a new last name that will confuse my students for the academic year to come.

But, there’s something special about being married to my best friend.

Those of you who have been following the planning saga since last summer know that getting this organized has been a long and tumultuous process of trying to strike a balance between what we wanted, what family wanted, and what others have done. I think we ultimately went the way that was best for us – simple, elegant, and down-to-earth.

Our vow exchange took place in our home, in our dining room, over tea. Our vows were strikingly similar to the ones previously posted, with a few ad libbed changes. I had to write the gist of what I wanted to say down 20 minutes before people showed up because, despite what I wrote earlier in the day, I was getting nervous. I got really nervous when our friends, Amy and Jared, showed up. And I got even more nervous when the notary arrived. I realized, and voiced to Amy, that I was nervous because although I’ve kissed Allan with people around, I’ve never kissed him in front of others, you know, with people watching!

Sitting here, three days later, I’m so glad that we did the vow exchange the way we did – it is something I’ll remember fondly from that day forward. It’s a very non-traditional approach that satisfied my needs.

The next day was our reception. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! Our wedding day saw rain (very lucky!) and our reception saw a blue sky and big fluffy clouds.

Our closest family and friends arrived in due fashion and we socialized for a bit before we arranged our plates at the brunch buffet. The whole reception was casual and elegant: people were dressed up and felt free to float around the room to talk to others. Many of our guests told me that they appreciated how simple and casual we made the day because it allowed them to really enjoy it.

After brunch, the toast, and photographs outside in the beautiful scenery, we went back in for cake. And what a delicious, scrumptious cake it was! Chocolate cake on the bottom, carrot cake on the top, and cream cheese frosting over the whole thing. And, of course, sheep cake toppers.

I asked Allan tonight what his favorite part of being married is, and his answer was, “having a ring.” Mine, I’d have to say, as I’ve said before, is the continuation of a good thing!

For more photos, view my Picasa Album.

(The images need some serious color correction – I’ll get around to it soon!)


Today's the Day.

Tonight, at 8 pm, I am officially going to be Mrs. Jennifer L. Taylor. I’m not nervous at all. Should I be? I’m going to be marrying the man I love more than apple pie with ice cream, more than chocolate chip pancakes, and get this, more than knitting or reading.

We met with the Notary who will be marrying us last night and we went over some non-traditional vows to pull inspiration. We looked at them and, well, they weren’t for us. Ours go along the lines of:

Him: I promise I’ll take real good care of you, and feed you yummy food, and snuggle real close, and take you on little adventures. I love you the bestest.

Me: I promise to take care of you and to keep your winter basket full of fuzzy things. I promise to snuggle real close. I love you the bestest. Can I keep you?

Him: You can keep me forever. So I can keep you?

Me: Yep. You can keep me forever.

After being together for four years, tonight is more of a continuation of a good thing, not a beginning of a new life. And I like that.

Here’s to marrying my best friend!

I am a busy little bee.

I certainly have been a busy little bee these last few months. I haven’t been posting very often, which is kind of how I expected things to go, so much of my news is new. I’m going to run down the list of what I’ve been up to and then I’ll go from there:

  • I moved out of my apartment into a house in the next town over (I posted pictures of the house) and gathered my stuff that’s been stored at three different locations over the last year or two.
  • As I moved out of my apartment two weeks before we could move into the house, we spent some time visiting family all over Maine.
  • Camp Week with some of Allan’s old friends from high school. That was a bit of an adventure.
  • Settled into the house. While doing this, both the Passat and the van we were using to move had to have their batteries replaced – leaving us stranded both times they went.
  • Finally got some planning done for the Wedding (details later in this post!) and have spent the last few weeks being a road warrior getting stuff ready.
  • And now that I’m settled in the house, I’ve been spending the last week or two at school for 4-5 hours a day doing planning and preparation for the new year.

Phew. I’m tired just typing what I’ve been up to this summer. I’m glad I didn’t add teaching summer school to the mix.

And it’s really no wonder I’ve done very little pleasure reading and very little knitting over the last two months. I’ve been too exhausted to devote mental or physical energy to it.

But now that I’m settled again, I’m back to both. For pleasure reading, I picked up Jeanette Winterson’s book Lighthousekeeping (2004). I have enjoyed Winterson’s work since I read The World and Other Places for literary analysis course in college back in 2001 and this book is no less thrilling, enchanting, moving, and haunting than the others. This novel tells the story of a young orphan, Silver, and her dog, DogJim. After her mother dies, she goes to stay with the lighthousekeeper on the coast of Scotland. There she is raised to appreciate, create, and tell stories. At one point, the lighthousekeeper, Pew, says to Silver: “I can teach you — yes, anybody — what the instruments are for, and the light will flash once every four seconds as it always does, but I must teach you to keep the light. Do you know what that means?” I didn’t. “The stories. That’s what you must learn. The ones I know and the ones I don’t know.” “How can I learn the ones you don’t know?” “Tell them yourself.” This entire novel is truly about the power of storytelling in people’s lives. I haven’t been enchanted by a book like this in a long time.

In knitting news, I picked up the cowl-neck braided-cable vest again a few days ago and made incredible progress. I’m finishing up the back and shoulders and then all that’s left is the cowl and the arm holes. It fits very well. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos since it’s been dark and rainy the last several weeks, including today.

I’ve also picked up the gift socks again. I had to rip it out, though, as I lost track of where I was and the last three rows had glaring errors. It’s a good thing I’m a process not a product knitter! 🙂

Now, the big project I’ve been working on is planning the Wedding! It’s been forever since I even mentioned it on the blog. I’m getting married Friday evening (Aug. 8th) at my home and the reception is in a neighboring town at a bed and breakfast. A local baker is making our cake, complete with sheep cake toppers and basket-weave designs in the frosting. And, on top of this, the baker is also making sheep chocolates for all of the place settings! The reception will be for brunch, like I’ve been wanting all these months. And as far as the dress goes, I went for the green one I posted so long ago.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ve barely been running but I plan to get back into the habit now that I’m settled and my schedule is starting to get back to normal.

That’s it for now!

Feeling Better

There’s nothing like a good conversation, Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka on the rocks, and then a good nights sleep when stressed. Allan was unavailable for most of the evening as he had Grad Crit and then dinner with the crew so I was feeling lonely on top of all the maladies I have already described. Fortunately, an old friend was online so I sent him a message. We ended up talking online for nearly two hours, more than our conversations usually run. Before I met Allan, he and I had seen each other casually but he and I were in odd spaces at the time and so we agreed that we were just going to have fun. I admitted, with a loosened tongue, that I had often thought of hooking up with him pre-Allan. He was surprised. We talked about it for a few minutes and he admitted that he’d thought of it, too. I’m supremely happy with my current situation, but I’m idly curious where things would be in another plane of life had things been different.

Thoughts like that always end up leading to nowhere, especially when content with the present. But it is fun to ruminate on the past and create alternate realities. It’s a skill I used to have honed to a fine edge, but lost as I became more content with my relationship with Allan. I realized that if I wanted to redefine my writing form, I’d have to start practicing reshaping the past again.

Also, if you’ve never had it before, try Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka. It is simply amazing. You get the smooth sharpness of a good vodka with a beautiful chocolate aftertaste that is rich and earthy like the best of dark chocolate. That is my drink of choice.