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Knit the Stash 2011: the Sock Yarn

Like any self-respecting knitter, I have a stash to be proud of. It’s full and constantly demanding more storage space and knitting time. I’ve added to it since beginning my most recent phase of knitting in 2005 and it’s currently contained in a plastic tote, two wicker baskets, and a few travel bags. It contains sock yarn, sweater yarn, “I have no idea” yarn, and hand-me-down yarn. Some of it is lovely wool or bamboo, some of it is blended, and some of it is acrylic that I’ve grown out of using. I’m attached to all of it and that’s why the stash is massive.

However, it’s time to make something of the collection, thus the Knit the Stash 2011 challenge. Over the next several Saturdays, I’ll be posting photos of the stash and thoughts on how the yarn will be used. Some of it will be knit up according to the original plan, some of it will be re-purposed and matched to a new and wonderful pattern, and some of it will likely be given away (I love blog giveaways!). I may also give away many of the knitted items.


all the sock yarn in my collection, less one that's in a knitting bag in my car


I wrangled up all the sock yarn. All told, there is wool for 13 pairs of socks, maybe more with leftovers.


Jawoll Magic Superwash


Sock Stash #1 – Jawoll Magic Superwash

I purchased this gorgeous superwash blend at A Yarn Over Marblehead December 2010 when I was shopping with my friend Alison B to get stuff for a cowl and mitts. This is a cute little store that has a good selection of yarn in a range from wool/acrylic blends for the timid beginner to high end designer wool for those heirloom projects. There was a single cubby for the Jawoll Magic Superwash and I was immediately drawn to the skein I adopted. I picked it up off the shelf immediately and carried it around the store for forty minutes before I made a final decision. The colors are perfect for spring and I can’t wait to have it knitted up and on my feet! I need to find the perfect pattern to showcase the colors. I’m thinking a simple rib would work.


worth a second look - Jawoll Magic Superwash



Knit Picks Stroll in Grass


Sock Stash #2 – Knit Picks Stroll in Grass

I’ve had good luck with the Knit Picks sock yarns. I know some knitters don’t like it, and that’s fine, but I have no problems with it so far. It’s priced well and my socks knit up their wool from a few years ago are just fine still. I loved this green color and it will work well for showing off a pattern with texture. I’m thinking a lacy pattern.


Knit Picks Stroll in Hearth Multi


Sock Stash #3 – Knit Picks Stroll in Hearth Multi

There was a sale and I got this for a good price. Orange has been my color this year. After years of avoiding orange, I’ve been craving it!


Knit Picks Essential in Lumber Jack Tweed


Sock Stash #4 – Knit Picks Essential in Lumberjack Tweed

A basic sock yarn that will show off a nice textured pattern.


Knit Picks Essential in Inca Gold Tweed


Sock Stash #5 – Knit Picks Essential in Inca Gold Tweed

Another basic sock yarn for a textured pattern.


Plymouth Yarn Sockin' Sox


Sock Stash #6 – Plymouth Yarn Sockin’ Sox in ___ (blue)

I love this yarn. It has wool and bamboo! How can it get any better? The colors are soft and calming. I’m thinking a simple rib stitch pattern for this.


Plymouth Yarn Sockin' Sox


Sock Stash #7 – Plymouth Yarn Sockin’ Sox in ___ (brown)

This is the same as the other Plymouth yarn. Brown is such a nice color for socks, especially in the fall with a wheat colored sweater and a bright scarf.


Austermann Step


Sock Stash #8 – Austermann Step

I love this yarn! I’ve bought a few skeins and knitted it up into socks, all for gifts, and loved every moment of knitting with this stuff. The wool is infused with aloe and it softened my fingers while knitting. I can just imagine how it would be for the feet!


a hand-spun hand-dyed gift


Sock Stash #9 – hand spun and dyed wool, green

I was given this wool as a departure gift when I left my teaching position in Maine. My mentor teacher was also a knitter and she spun and dyed this for me. Aww!


a hand-spun hand-dyed gift


Sock Stash #10 – hand spun and dyed wool, purple

My mentor teacher from Maine spun and dyed this one for me, too!


Cascade 220


Sock Stash #11 – Cascade 220

I bought this stuff out of the “orphans” basket at Fiberphilia in 2007. I intended to make socks out of it, and still do, but I’ve started and frogged a few other projects with it in between.


self-striping sock kit dyed for me as a gift


Sock Stash #12 – hand dyed wool, multi

Another hand-dyed gift from my mentor teacher in Maine. She used one of the self-striping kits from Knit Picks and went to town with the dye! It’s a crazy hodge-podge of color and I love it!



Sock Stash #13 – Opal

I bought this yarn at the Yard Goods Center in Waterville, ME back in 2007. I just cast on a pair of socks with it out of the Nancy Bush book, Knitting Vintage Socks.

* * *

So that’s the sock yarn stash! I’ll be knitting exclusively from the stash this year to whittle down the collection.

I also have a book goal but I’ll be writing about that on Sunday.

What are you working on this year? What ideas do you have to use what you have and save money? What are  your productivity goals?


Racin' for the Strawberries

Setting aside the fear of losing my dear readers due to jealousy: who wouldn’t love to come home from work to hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries! I have the best beau in all the world. I couldn’t keep from bragging especially after the photo came out so well. 🙂

Furthermore, I will not fear the pound put on by eating all that chocolate in one sitting because Amy and I are going to run a 5k on May 10. She messaged me earlier today to inform me of the fact. It’s the annual Mothers’ Day run in Augusta, Maine. It’s a good thing I’m mostly there! The date is in a week and a half! This is my first road race ever. Yes, you heard me right: first ever. I’ll post pictures of sweaty and tired me afterwards.

I also don’t fear the seated time it’ll take to finish my WIPs. I can never finish project sooner than I start new ones. I currently have the following items in progress:

  1. crocheted baby blanket
  2. Mission Falls socks
  3. Peace Fleece cardigan (damn those button bands!)
  4. Sockotta socks (1 down, the second halfway)
  5. Knit Picks Simple Stripes socks (just cast on)
  6. Bold striped Berroco Ultra alpaca scarf in a moss stitch for my future BIL
  7. Noro Niji garter stitch scarf
  8. and I’ll add an extra for a project I probably forgot about because it’s buried in my knitting basket

Phew. I love knitting, and I love to finish things, but I’ve learned that I’m much more of a process knitter than a completion knitter. I have no problem ripping a project out and starting all over again if it doesn’t come out just right. Although I say this and I have my Peace Fleece cardigan haunting me: I fear it is too small so I’ve been putting off the button bands so I don’t have to face the fact that it is probably not going to fit. This is my first ever sweater and I didn’t do the gauge swatch correctly. Erm, okay, I didn’t do a gauge swatch at all.

See, I had this idea in my head that because I was using the same size yarn and same size needle as called for that I’d have the perfect sweater roll off my needles without doing a gauge swatch. I also didn’t realize at the time that although I have a 38″ bra band that a 38″ bust wouldn’t fit. I should have at *least* knit the 40″, if not the 42″. Live and learn, I guess. Instead of being an oversized comfy cardigan, it’s going to be a fitted cropped jacket.

Anyhow, more pictures!

The Sockotta socks:

Knit Picks Simple Stripes sock:

Good Morning!

I love mornings. I love breakfast. And, I love knitting. This post is dedicated to my love of the growing daylight coming in the windows with condensation and falling on my tea cup, knitting, and further in the room, my green friends. I love how all things seem possible in the morning. Grogginess obscures the worries of the previous day and grants us a reprieve from stress.

The Gentleman’s Fancy Sock numero dos is about halfway done. I began the heel flap last night and should progress to the foot today. It’s unlikely that it’ll be done today, but definitely within the next few. Last night while working on it, my stash called out to me. The Knit Picks Simple Stripes in Dragonfly was calling out to me to be knit into a basic 3×1 ribbed sock. The Mission Falls wants to be a basic sock with chunky stripes. And the Knit Picks Palette wants to be boot socks for Allan. The fiber called to me, very politely, reminding me to not forget them when I’m done with the Fancy Sock. I assured each and every skein and bit of left over wool that they would soon find themselves happily knit up and put to service.