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Etsy of the Day: Green Mugs

As a tea drinker, I love mugs and tea cups and I’ve developed a bit of a habit for what to drink what kinds of beverages out of. For instance, these lovely mugs would be my choice for medicinal herbal teas, such as Yogi or Traditional Medicines teas. I love these mugs for the thick wall, which would keep said beverages warmer longer, and I love the dots and coloring. I could see these mugs sitting on a breakfast nook table, with blueberry muffins on a plate nearby, with friends or family gathering for the morning meal. I could also see someone snuggled under blankets in the deep of winter sipping on a tea that will help ease their ailments. Either way, these mugs warm my soul and brighten my day. These mugs come from JD Wolfe Pottery on Etsy. All of her work is simply amazing and heart-warming. Check it out!


Etsy of the Day: Turtle Pot Holder

Any fan of turtles or things home-made must have this turtle pot holder in his or her collection. This adorable creation comes from the studio of Bean Pickle Sprout. Can’t you just see how much better your baked goods will be when cared for with this handsome fellow? This little guy is the perfect solution to those kitchen blues. I love the selection of fabric on this particular one – the pairing of the two green tones and the delicate floral and mottled spots. Perfect! You should also check out his siblings at Bean Pickle Sprout’s shop.

Etsy of the Day: Stoneware Chopstick Rests

These chopstick rests are nothing short of wonderful. The color is wonderful. The shape is wonderful. And the size is wonderful. How could these not grace your table after making lo mein or pork fried rice at home? How could you not use these when taking a break from slurping noodles? These rests hail from Ceramics by Sumiko. These rests would go perfectly with any rice bowl set.

The Trouble with Tribbles

I’ve been on a quest to make my life more efficient and to reduce my carbon footprint as much as I can. The next thing in the list to go is my shower pouf and shower creams. I love lathering up when I wash and that’s why I’ve used the pouf. Unfortunately, the pouf is about as earth-friendly as burning crude oil. As a knitter, I figured I could solve my own problem. And I began doing so tonight. I knit and crochet dish cloths all the time and realized, after an afternoon of making some new ones for a house warming event, that it would be easy to fold over one of the crocheted cloths, stitch up the sides, run a crocheted chain through, and make a nice little soap pouch! I’m working on numero dos of these right now. I chained 25 and worked a double crochet across all the stitches and then turned around and came back until I got to about 5 inches long. I then single crocheted the edges and then ran a chain through the openings. I’ll post pictures soon.

In addition to this, I did a Google search for knitted, and then crocheted, shower poufs, and here are the more interesting ones I found:

Tribbles by 1870 Pearl

Bonbon by  Larissa Brown

A Rose for Mother by Emily Nelson

If you come across any other interesting ones, hook me up! (HA! Pun intended!)