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Ouou on Etsy

Ouou Cards

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, a month or more. Laurie from Everything in Blue and Ouou on Etsy sent me a package of items that are, in a word, lovely. The cardstock feels rich and textured, the printing is well adhered to the paper, and the designs are better in person than they are through digital images. You’ll have to order from her to find out for yourself. 🙂

Ouou Cards

Are they not wonderful?? I especially love that she included the kitten knitting a scarf. How appropriate!

Thank you, Laurie!


Etsy of the Day: More from Ouou

I love the ouou shop on Etsy! The designs are so charming, so encouraging, and so uplifting. Here are some of my current favorites:

The otter is wishing you happy thoughts while knitting warmth and serenity. This would be a wonderful knitting journal or personal journal. I love how mellow the tan cover is in contrast to the deep dark lines of the image. And it’s an otter with several balls of yarn! What’s not to love!

And here is Sofie wishing us happy thoughts of spring! I never cease to be amazed at how well ouou blends the gothic style with positive feelings. The bold dark lines and the stripped stockings offer splendid contrast to the solid curvy green of the plant. And the bird is oh-so-delicate! Such a wonderful note card set!

Go take a look at what else is up on the shop currently. There are a lot of great pieces welcoming spring!

Etsy of the Day: Rooibos Chai Herbal Tea

A week or two ago I wrote a post about not being able to drink black tea anymore.  I reviewed some teas and then wrote a second post about another type of tea I tried. In the comments of that post, Sweet Leaves from the Sweet Leaves Tea House in Brunswick, Maine pointed me in the direction of Rooibos Chai. I’ve been poking around on Etsy for a nice blend of chai and I think the Rooiboos Chai Herbal Tea from Carmel Soaps is a winner!

The blend used in this chai is exactly that of the recipe I previously used prior to cutting out black tea. I’m planning on ordering some soon and I’ll write a second review, that of the tea, then. In the meantime, go check out Carmel Soaps shop!

Check out this wonderful lavender goat milk soap, too!

Etsy of the Day: Petal Necklace

This beautiful and delicate petal necklace comes from the ES Designs shop of Elizabeth Scott on Etsy. I love how true to life this design is; make a comparison with this real petal. This necklace can easily be casual or classy. It can be worn to the cafe or to a wedding. It is easy to see that the artisan truly cared about the quality of the art when you look closely and see the most minute of details included, namey the smallest of veins on the petal. This is a simply marvelous design! And look! There are earrings, too!

Etsy of the Day: Green Mugs

As a tea drinker, I love mugs and tea cups and I’ve developed a bit of a habit for what to drink what kinds of beverages out of. For instance, these lovely mugs would be my choice for medicinal herbal teas, such as Yogi or Traditional Medicines teas. I love these mugs for the thick wall, which would keep said beverages warmer longer, and I love the dots and coloring. I could see these mugs sitting on a breakfast nook table, with blueberry muffins on a plate nearby, with friends or family gathering for the morning meal. I could also see someone snuggled under blankets in the deep of winter sipping on a tea that will help ease their ailments. Either way, these mugs warm my soul and brighten my day. These mugs come from JD Wolfe Pottery on Etsy. All of her work is simply amazing and heart-warming. Check it out!

Etsy of the Day: Warm Tidings Cards

How can you not be cheered and warmed by these cards! These cards hail from the shop of ouou on Etsy. I love the crisp dark lines in this graphic. I love the dragon. And I love that they’re drinking some heart and body warming beverage. This is one of a set of images put together in a card pack. Each of the images is equally cheerful and magnificent. Check them out!

Etsy of the Day: Tea Cup Watercolor

This original watercolor comes from Joy Eliz on Etsy. I love the combination of colors and textures in this painting. The cobalt color stands out well against the green grey and would compliment any tea or breakfast nook or kitchen. Any tea lover would be sure to enjoy this one of a kind piece of art! Check out all of her other work, too, as there are many other tea inspired works of art.

Etsy of the Day: Vintage Wood Egg Cups

It wasn’t until I saw a pattern for egg sweater cozies that I was brave enough to try soft-boiled eggs. Now I love them! And I’ve also developed a fascination for egg cups. These vintage egg cups from greenhearts are simply wonderful! I love the deep color. They would perfectly contrast with any egg. I can envision these cups cradling eggs on a tray being carried up to bed on Valentine’s Day for a romantic interlude with a few rose petals and strawberry jam for the toast.

Etsy of the Day: Turtle Pot Holder

Any fan of turtles or things home-made must have this turtle pot holder in his or her collection. This adorable creation comes from the studio of Bean Pickle Sprout. Can’t you just see how much better your baked goods will be when cared for with this handsome fellow? This little guy is the perfect solution to those kitchen blues. I love the selection of fabric on this particular one – the pairing of the two green tones and the delicate floral and mottled spots. Perfect! You should also check out his siblings at Bean Pickle Sprout’s shop.

Etsy of the Day: Handspun Yarn

Doesn’t this handspun yarn look scrumptious! I don’t know what it is about yarn, but I always describe it in terms of food. It makes me drool and my fingers twitch. I would love to run this particular skein through my fingers and I wouldn’t be able to wait to wind it into a ball and knit it into something wonderful. The colors in this particular skein are reminiscent of pie, which is where the name comes from of course (Everyone Gets Pie!). This skein is 158 yards and would go well with any of her other handspun skeins for a lovely hat, scarf, or mitten set!

I’ve purchased some roving ready to be spun from Noelle’s Noodles and it is softer than a cloud and more wonderful than the best dream. I imagine this yarn is no less divine!