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Discovering Home

What a week and weekend! So much to share that this is going to be a long one. Stay with me, it’s worth it.

The Seaport is a fun area to live in. There were free concerts from some of the biggest names in the music industry all summer so long as we opened the living room window. We are mere paces from some of the finest dining establishments in town and the T gets us everywhere else we would want to go. It took a long time to get used to having a 24-7 concierge, the computer lab, and an in-house gym, though. It’s been great fun, but it didn’t truly feel like home until this past week.

I’ve been complaining to Gabe about how much I miss Gulu Gulu Cafe and Jaho in Salem, especially Gulu. Sit down with a book on the big orange couch and coffee comes to you in an endless stream. I spent hours there with novels or my laptop. It’s one of the first places I went when I was considering moving to the area when I was in Maine, the first place I went when I took up residence, and now the place I miss. It helped make Salem feel like home. And I miss that.

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Autumn has found me at Home.

I am comforted sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, laptop inches away, by the crisp, cold air. The crinkle of leaves in this chill breeze are a sure sign that not only autumn, but winter, is on it’s way. The time of year when wool and wood have great importance in sustaining and comforting life. It is time to start gathering in the bounty of summer’s growing season, return to the roots, and gather strength for the next season of growth.

Next to me is a softcover of Ahab’s Wife, or, The Star-Gazer by Sena Jeter Naslund. I can’t recall how many times I’ve read this novel. The first five chapters are as familiar to me as the inner chambers of my mind. As a matter of fact, the words have merged into my thought patterns. I have been reading almost exclusively from this novel since relocating and beginning my life anew.

The salt in the air of this city and the novel converge and I echo Una’s revelation:  I have found the home, finally, of my soul. My body has set down roots in this sea port steeped in history, my toes reaching deep into the earth and gripping the rich soil, drawing nutrients in to replenish the long-starved limbs.

I am home at long last.

Etsy of the Day: Green Mugs

As a tea drinker, I love mugs and tea cups and I’ve developed a bit of a habit for what to drink what kinds of beverages out of. For instance, these lovely mugs would be my choice for medicinal herbal teas, such as Yogi or Traditional Medicines teas. I love these mugs for the thick wall, which would keep said beverages warmer longer, and I love the dots and coloring. I could see these mugs sitting on a breakfast nook table, with blueberry muffins on a plate nearby, with friends or family gathering for the morning meal. I could also see someone snuggled under blankets in the deep of winter sipping on a tea that will help ease their ailments. Either way, these mugs warm my soul and brighten my day. These mugs come from JD Wolfe Pottery on Etsy. All of her work is simply amazing and heart-warming. Check it out!

Etsy of the Day: Warm Tidings Cards

How can you not be cheered and warmed by these cards! These cards hail from the shop of ouou on Etsy. I love the crisp dark lines in this graphic. I love the dragon. And I love that they’re drinking some heart and body warming beverage. This is one of a set of images put together in a card pack. Each of the images is equally cheerful and magnificent. Check them out!