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Berlin's Whimsy-love.

I have really enjoyed Berlin’s Whimsy for a year or more now. Amber is such an insightful, kind, and creative mother and blogger, it’s unimaginable to me that anyone would not love her blog.

I love her lunch photos. Amber is a firm believer in making life simple and beautiful, and her bento lunches show her mastery of this concept. She has a link to her Flickr album on the left side of her blog.

One of my recent reasons to adore Berlin’s Whimsy is the slew of links to natural products one can make at home, and I hope to make soon!

She linked to Angry Chicken‘s post about homemade deoderant, and to Down to Earth‘s post about homemade laundry detergent. These are both things I’ve been doing some minimal research on and haven’t found anything noteworthy. Thanks, Amber, for these links!


Posts of the Day

Here are some of the posts today that totally rocked my world:

The Brick Theory by Crazy Aunt Purl

Obscure Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty and Her Children by Sarah Beth Durst

Books in Bed at BlogHer 

Noteworthy Blogs

I came across some new blogs that are worthy of note:

What I Killed Today follows a vegan veterinary assistant and the animals she euthanizes. I read the most recent posts and had tears running down my face. Definitely worthy of checking into. I found this blog via Neil Gaiman’s.

Zazazu inspires me daily. I found the blog author through a comment she left on one of my earlier posts, followed to her blog, and was absorbed for nearly 30 minutes exploring the world she built. She inspired me to create my own 101/1001 lists. Want to know what it is? Check out her blog!

No Impact Man is one I mentioned a long time ago and feel deserves another plug. Colin, AKA No Impact Man, is on a quest to live a no impact, sustainable lifestyle in NYC. No small feat. He’s been on the Colbert Report and he’ll have a book out soon.