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It's a snow day.

Public Garden, Boston. Photo by Sally Chen. From Boston.com’s Facebook album.

We got about 18″ here in Boston so far, and the snow will continue until late tonight. Perfect day to snuggle in under the red fleece blanket I bought freshman year of college and sip on coffee and finish reading The Waste Lands by Stephen King. Gabe’s gone in to the office for a few “freebie” hours.

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The Three Prime Evils

… have stolen my soul. I picked up Diablo II again yesterday and I now have a level 21 Shadow Assassin and I just began Act III Normal. This is also #95 on my 101/1001 list.

I’ll have a really cool post tomorrow when I get all my notes together and upload photos from my camera. Until then, stay tuned! 🙂