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I'm an Elephant Ambassador

The Blogs of Family, Friends, and People I find Interesting:

  • Stir a Memory. An art project by Krina Patel, a Fort Point artist in Boston. If you would like to participate in her project, all you need to do is send her a post card with a food related memory! Easy as pie. =)
  • The Lawsons Did Dallas.  Amy’s witty and insightful commentary on daily life.
  • The Lawsons Eat Local! Amy’s CSA experience. Even funnier than her daily blog, if you can believe that.
  • Happy Beehive. Maurabela’s accountability blog for health, wealth, and wisdom.
  • Not My Better Half. A journal-type blog of thoughts, inspirations, health, and spirituality.
  • Fibreholic. Proof that you can make friends online. Life in it’s sweetest moments here told. Inspiration for life and knitting.
  • Mothers in Medicine. A digital pen-pal’s shared blog.
  • Be Green. Save Green. A family blog focused on a green household and saving money.
  • Circles Dots and Other Distractions. Michelle’s blog of her adventures and insights while studying in Germany.
  • The Compost Pile.

Green and Natural Living (non-blogs):

  • Eco-Cycle:  information and articles on creating waste-free homes and communities.
  • Care2:  health, green, and better living.

Abuse and Recovery Blogs and other Resources:

Knitting and other Crafts:


Web Comics:

(some day I’ll get this section completed!)


Pagan Spirituality, Astrology:

Odds and Ends:

  • Move On:  Democracy in Action.
  • Do Something:  promoting teens and adults to get offline and do something positive in the community.
  • Daily Good: positive news and inspiration from around the world.

IMPORTED:  Will sort eventually.

People I know in real life:

It’s a Hard Blog Life. Russ Smith. Dear friend though he STILL can’t place me.

Fibreholic. Online running buddy and pen pal. I adore this woman!

Keeping Up with the Johnsons. Leanne and Danny. Dear friend since middle school. She’s the friend I got the nick name “brokensnowpea” from/with. Leanne, remember that from sophomore year?

Scribbles and Scrabs:  The Musings of an Unsettled Mind. Emily Morrissette. Incredible writer. I took a writing class with her and was blown away by her creativity and style.

Our Slice of Heaven. Holly Eagen. How long have we been friends now, Holly?

Garage Band King. Jared Murphy. Another incredible writer I met in college. Took a ton of classes with the guy and can attest to his genius.

The Lawsons Did Dallas. Amy Lawson. My best friend and the funniest blogger you’ll ever read the postings of.

A Mouse’s Tale. Tasha Richard. Colleague and friend I met during my MA Teaching. She’s going to rock this world.

Tsushima Escapades. Kim McNelly’s experiences with Japan. Amazing stuff!

The Big Three-Seven. At this point I as good as know Kirsten in real life. Accidentally sent Kirsten an email when I meant to send Kim (above link) an email and a friendship was quickly formed.

Call Wolf. I met this woman through Ravelry and my blog. She’s amazing. Love her!

People I don’t know in real life but wish I did because they are so flippin’ awesome:

My Religious Blog. Growing up Mormon, I get the jokes and think this blog if fan-friggin-tastic.

A Friend to Knit With. A knitting blog. I have lots of these on my list. Great photos. Great posts. Makes me want to be a better person and fill my life with beautiful things.

And She Knits, Too. Another amazing knitting blog. How this author does everything she does is beyond me.

Berlin’s Whimsy. Amber is simply one of the most amazing people I’ve met online. Her spirit and verve radiate off the screen and make my life better for reading her blog. She’s a knitter, a sewer, a baker, and an all around amazing person.

Crazy Aunt Purl. Divorced, knitter, great wit. What’s not to love! Plus great photos and captions of her kitties.

Exercise before Knitting. Beautiful photos, great knitting, and great observations on life.

Little Wit Knits. Another great knit-blogger. I love her blog!

Neil Gaiman’s Journal. ‘Nough said.

Zen Habits. Great advice on living.

Write to Done. Same author as Zen Habits, but with a focus on writing.

Daily Coyote. A woman adopts a coyote and takes amazing photos and writes about it. HIGHLY recommended.

Vand Co. Vanessa Christenson’s wonderful creations and beautiful photographs all about “making her house a home one project at a time”. Check it out. Get inspired.

Other places I spend way too much time at online:

Megatokyo:  Webcomic. Hilarious. Read it. Set in Japan.

Red String:  Another webcomic. Beautiful illustrations. Great story. Set in Japan.

Pandora:  If you haven’t checked out the Music Genome Project yet, you should!

LibraryThing:  Love this site! Social networking for geeks.

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