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About The Girl and Her Boy


Here we are!


The Girl

Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by wool and the written word. This space is dedicated to a discussion and exploration of those passions. As an urban homesteader, I also spend a lot of time reflecting on making a house or apartment a home in this modern world, creating healthy and exquisite food, and how to live more efficiently and ecologically-friendly. I also enjoy running and working out, learning and teaching the craft of writing and reading, playing board and video games, and exploring the world.

This blog primarily contains my life experiences and adventures, knitting/wool obsession, thoughts on books and the craft of writing, and any other thoughts I manage to capture long enough to put down in writing.

I previously blogged at The Life of a Busy Little Bee and at Boston Black Sheep, so you may recognize me from one of those spaces. I imported the contents of those two blogs to this one at the beginning of January 2011. I will be deleting Little Bee and Black Sheep at the end of January 2011. Thank you for joining me here!

You can also find me at LinkedIn (in development), LibraryThing, Book Glutton, Good Reads, Ravelry, Twitter, and Facebook.

Her Boy

Gabe is my awesome boyfriend. He loves exploring the world, playing board and video games, and making the world a more just place. When I asked him if he’d like to do guest posts when the spirit moved him, he answered with an enthusiastic affirmative.


** Current header image is a photograph by CaptainHero. The photograph is titled “Reading” and can be found at Caedes, a community for artists to share their work and offer up free images for people to use as desktop wallpaper.

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