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What a trip!

After importing my old blog, Little Bee, I took a quick spin through the archives from the beginning in 2007 to when I decided it was time to start a new project in 2009. It’s been a helluva journey. My first posts were at the tail-end of my graduate program when I was hard on the trail of my first teaching job and from there we went from Orono to Yarmouth back to Orono to Winthrop, and now to Boston following the sign posts of a long-term relationship culminating to a trip to the altar and then to signing divorce papers. Along the trail was a ton of knitting, reading, slices of daily life, and giggles at the shenanigans of my hamster, Clarence.

It made me realize how many loose ends there are! Let me tie some up so as you delve into the archive, you’ve got some sense of where the story ended up.

First things first, my dear little hamster, Clarence, died fall 2009. It crushed me. He was my confidant and entertainment during that first year of teaching living all alone in Winthrop. He’s now buried in the back yard of the house in Salem I lived at from July 2009 to July 2010. Poke through the “hamster” tag and you’ll find a video of him. He was the cutest little thing.

As far as people, Shana is still the bedrock of my life. She’s pretty much plain awesome. Amy is still kicking my butt and keeping me in line. Speaking of Amy, I need to call her. Allan and I are in touch from time to time. Luckily, things ended up amicable. Hallelujah to being friends with exes.

Ummmm, yeah. I think those are the biggest lose strings.

Have a great Friday night, all!


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