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Settling In

Oy! So, I have a story for you, but before I begin, let me go back and share the very beginning.

Spring of 2009 was a tumultuous season for me, as many of you long-time readers of this and my previous blog, The Life of a Busy Little Bee, probably recall. I separated from my then husband and began the long process of getting on my own two feet and beginning a new life on my own. During that time, I was visiting friends down in the north shore area of Boston and fell in love with the area. I decided that’s where I wanted to move, and I did.

While visiting with friends, I met Gabe one weekend. I was dating SR at the time (initials for privacy of people I haven’t asked permission for name mention yet) and so we began as friends. That was, oh, probably early May 2009.

I moved to Salem July 2009. Between May and July, I had frequented Salem, getting to know Gabe and SR much better. SR and I realized that we were better off as friends and have remained so. That opened up the door for me to explore a relationship with Gabe.

I had been enamored with him from the start. Beautiful dark intelligent eyes framed with dark hair. Gentle strength. Refined manners. What wasn’t to love! As I got to know him better, and as we spent more time together, I fell further and further for him. He was, as far as I knew, the very man I dreamed of.

We’ve been together since August 2009. It’s been awesome. We moved in to our apartment in Boston together July 2010. And it’s been here that I’ve discovered what is truly to love about him, and what will be the more colorful parts of our biographies.

** ** **

It comes for every pair of love birds; the moment when all those sticky sweet pet names go right out the window and you find the frustrated drawn out version of your beloved’s name pop out of your mouth, you know, the one you swore you’d never use when you found “the one”:  “Gaa-briiiii-eeelll.” Gabe and I have finally settled in to the relationship.

Exhibit A:  Christmas 2010.

It happened unexpectedly. I’d spent the morning tidying up the kitchen and living room, dressing the Bell and Evan’s breast-only turkey (first time I even knew they existed was when I opened up the package, already thinking it was a teeny bird, and wondered where in bloody ‘ell the legs and arms were!), peeling and chopping veggies, and otherwise making sure the feast day was perfectly pleasant.

There were “three butts” in my “one butt” kitchen that I’m accustomed to having all to myself on Dec. 25:  mine, Gabe’s, and our friend LC’s. It was super sweet of them to want to help, but there just wasn’t enough room for more than me in there. So, after I pulled one of the baking dishes out of the oven my dear, and warning everyone of the hot dish, unobservant Gabe grabbed it barehanded.

And out it popped.

“Gaaaaa-briiiiii-eeelll, really?”

Yep. My dearly beloved, smart, hard-working Gabe is quite oblivious of clear and present situations in his own home.

Exhibit B:  this morning.

Gabe and I love video games. But I have yet to find someone who will play them around the clock like him. He once told me when we were dating early on that he once started playing a game in the mid-evening and didn’t realize what time it was until about 4 am. Yikes.

I can’t really say much because I’ve done the same thing, only with a book.

But, here’s the kicker.

He has an android phone and has a bunch of games he’s quite addicted to on there. It’s an easy way to pass time on the T, or waiting in line at a restaurant. No problem.

This morning however, I was sitting in the living room waiting impatiently for the bathroom while he was in there. I had to go pee something fierce. I was waiting for, oh, about 8 minutes when I realized there were little chirping sounds coming from the throne room.

What is that? I thought. Then it hit me.

Me:  “Gabe.”

Gabe:  “Yes?”

Me:  “Are you playing games on your phone in there?”

Long pause.

Gabe:  “Maybe.”

Oy. I’m in love with a man-boy.

Edit: I should add that he’s 10 years older than I am and a Harvard Law  attorney. It adds to the depth of his boyishness. 🙂


2 responses to “Settling In

  1. LittleWit January 19, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    I highly recommend at least one and a half bathrooms. The boy spends so much time in there sometimes…it was one of our requirements when house hunting. 🙂

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