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It's a snow day.

Public Garden, Boston. Photo by Sally Chen. From Boston.com’s Facebook album.

We got about 18″ here in Boston so far, and the snow will continue until late tonight. Perfect day to snuggle in under the red fleece blanket I bought freshman year of college and sip on coffee and finish reading The Waste Lands by Stephen King. Gabe’s gone in to the office for a few “freebie” hours.

Today reminds me of my first year of teaching. We had a ton of snow that year and school was canceled frequently. I would sit in my old blue chair, feet up on the hassock, under the same red fleece blanket and read, too, or stare out the window at the snow falling down, day-dreaming.

I day-dreamed of the future then. I dreamed of being somewhere else. Little did I know that that dream manifested. I’m living it.

What are you doing on this snow day? Or, if it’s not snowing where you are, what is it like? What would you do on a snow day?


2 responses to “It's a snow day.

  1. habitsofamouse January 12, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    This mouse’s snow day has been filled with homework and writing. I’m hoping to get in some reading and knitting this afternoon after chores are done. We’ve only gotten 4″ of snow in our neck of the woods so far. We’re looking at up to a foot before it ends, so I might end up with a double-hitter for snow days. 🙂

  2. LittleWit January 12, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    We got some snow yesterday but not enough to close things today. If I had a snow day I would probably be knitting on my sweater, potentially while watching movies I want to see but the boy doesn’t. Then if I could get myself out of that comfortable position I would spend about an hour picking up around the house and then get my sewing in gear. Actually now you know my plan for the next federal holiday. 🙂

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