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I don’t know about you, but dreams mean a lot to me. They fascinate me. They convey meaning and direction, often times revealing things I’ve been searching for but never could find in my waking life.

There is one dream I’ve had frequently, sometimes 2-3 times a year, other times just once a year, since I was, oh, maybe 22? I’d like to share it with you. I’ve been mulling it over since the first time I had it.

In this dream, there is a house. It’s mine. I’m always “arriving home” in the dream after a long trip. The most recent version of the dream, I am coming home with guests but they only get as far as the garage. After that, I’m alone.

The house is large. When I approach it from the outside, it looms in my vision, the sides go beyond my peripheral and I crane my neck to see the roofline. Not always, but most often. Sometimes it’s a farmhouse with a barn attached, other times it’s gothic, dark and ornate. The outside appearance is often different, but the interior is always the same.

I enter through the side door, into a mudroom. From there, instead of entering the house proper, I walk into the basement. It’s huge. Dark. Tons of boxes everywhere. The only light is immediately around me. Somehow I know the way to the next floor, but it has never manifested in a visual manner in the dream.

I enter the second floor, which would be the first floor proper. The kitchen, laundry room, living room (that I only know is there but have never seen), and bathroom are on this floor. I spend most of my time on this level in the dreams.

On this “domestic” floor, I spend a lot of time preparing food, washing dishes, washing and folding laundry, and scrubbing the bathroom. All the daily chores that keep a home functional. After a whole day in this space, and becoming very tired, I try to go upstairs, where the bedrooms are. I take a stairway up only to find there are no lights, exposed beams that are spaced very far apart, and spider webs. I leap from one beam to another, sometimes swinging from one to another like on a jungle gym. There is a dark form at the back of this space, a box, that seems to be the bedroom. The beams turn into secret passages that bring me back to the basement, and to the beginning of a new day.

I poke around in the boxes in the basement some, only to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff and no idea what to do with it. So, I go back to the next level with the kitchen, and spend the rest of the day there, only to have the cycle repeat.

I’ve had this dream many times. Sometimes slight details are different, but the basic structure and feeling is the same:  tired and wanting to rest in that upper space, that bedroom that, without seeing it or ever being in it within the dream, is the ideal place to rest; big bed, soft lighting. But I never make it there.

I have some theories on this dream, of course, and it isn’t impervious to analysis. But what I wonder, dear reader, is this:  Do you have recurring dreams? Do you believe they are messages your unconscious mind is trying to share with you? What is the strangest dream you’ve had? Or the most curious? Have you been able to figure out  your dreams? Or are you still struggling to discover meaning?

If you wish to share something somewhat lengthy, I’d encourage you to post on your own blog and link to this post and let me know that you’ve done so in the comments. Otherwise, if you have a shorter comment, leave it here. This may be good fodder for people create fascinating content in their personal space.

Here are some links that I use from time to time, in addition to some books on my shelves, to work at the meaning of dreams:

Dream Moods ::  Dream Central ::  the Curious Dreamer ::  Dream Forth

Do you have some web sources for dream analysis you’d like to share?


2 responses to “Dreams

  1. Guin January 9, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    I had one for years that I finally stopped having. I would dream about an apartment, not always the same one, but often resembling one I had lived in previously. It would be an apartment that I didn’t frequent (like I was living somewhere else really and just keeping the apartment for show). I would go in to find animals that I had owned neglected, without food or water for who knows how long, spiderwebs everywhere, things in disarray. I would have the dream once every few months, always the same. Eventually, the dream started changing. I would be cleaning up, organizing, taking things out. One day I just dreamed that I handed the keys over and moved out. Living spaces represent ourselves in our dreams, I think I just got my head together finally.

  2. Jen January 11, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    What a fascinating dream, Guin. It’s interesting that it changed as you continued having it. Mine has changed some but not dramatically. I guess I have more work to do.

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