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Welcome, 2011! Hello, Rabbit!

Here are a few astrology links you may find enlightening or entertaining for the new calendar year:

Year 2010, in Chinese Astrology, was the year of the Tiger (Metal). Cafe Astrology wrote an article forecasting the themes and events of the year based on the characteristics of the yang metal tiger. I read it today and was fascinated. Change.  Upheaval. Uncertainty. Check for all of those. And here is Suzanne White’s article on it, too. Her book blending eastern and western astrology was my introduction in a meaningful way to astrology.

For a quick run down of the year of the Tiger, check out this video on Circles and Dots and Other Distractions:  Zeitgeist 2010. (It’s interesting that the last year of the Tiger saw the Korean War.)

From what I read from Suzanne White, the year of the Rabbit (2011) is a good follow-up to the Tiger. It doesn’t officially start until Feb. 3, but the effects can be felt already. We’ll have a much gentler, more stable year. It’s going to be a good year, I can feel it. =)

From White on the year of the rabbit:

In Rabbit years, life slows down. After the tumultuous and difficult Tiger year we lived through (or didn’t) in 2010, we all need to decelerate. Nature must have planned it. Give people a horrible Tiger year, full of war and pestilence, struggle, strife and illness. Then tender them a whole year to recover.


So what does this Metal Rabbit year have in store for us Earthlings? Quite simply put, 2011 will give us a year devoted to calm. The emphasis will be on matters related to family, higher education and improvement of the world picture and the environment. Everything to do with culture with a capital C will be favored. Artists will produce masterful works and receive much public acclaim. Everything to do with peace and negotiation will get front page attention.

The whole article from Suzanne White is great. She has a break down by sign, too, after the article.

Here’s Cafe Astrology’s year forecast by western zodiac sign. What’s in your year to come? Find out! And for good measure, here’s the break down by month.

I don’t know how to read them yet, but here’s a list of astrological events and astrological aspects.

And for good measure, here’s the weekly frequency, updated every Wednesday.

Just a little for you guys to nibble on. Whether you celebrated the new year on Samhain, today, or are waiting for Feb. 3, I hope your new year sees you healthy and happy. As Benjamin Franklin said:

“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better [hu]man.”

Happy New Year!


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