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Sunshine on the water looks so lovely.

The Causeway, Marblehead, MA

the Atlantic Ocean on the last day of 2010

I went on a run this morning along the causeway in Marblehead. The moment the sunlight bounced off the ocean and into my soul, I had John Denver’s “Sunshine on my Shoulder” on my lips. It was a good run and a great place to do it. (The video itself isn’t that great, but I wanted to include the song.)

It was the first time I had run outside since moving out of Salem in July. I forgot how wonderful it feels to run outside! I have been running on the “dreadmill” in the gym for months now, but today’s run outside has renewed my commitment to running outside whenever possible. For as long as I’m in Marblehead house and kitty sitting, I’ll be running that route!

see that house in the distance (the white one) -- it's for sale for just a mere few million -- this beach goes with it

the causeway in Marblehead

Edit:  I can say one thing, though:  I need to make myself some running mittens and a hat! It was warm enough to go with just running pants and a fleece, but the air was cold on the hands and ears.


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