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Holiday Attitude Adjustment

Like many people, the holidays stress me out. They remind me of the terrible things in my past that I just don’t want to remember. I woke up this morning just wanting it to be sometime in mid-January. Each year I look to holiday decorations and making cold-weather gifts to perk me up, but it’s just not working as well as I need it to this year. So, I’m stepping it up. It’s time for a holiday attitude adjustment.

This season, I will repeat the following affirmation as many times per day as necessary until it sinks in:

I embrace the holiday season with joy and an open heart. I look at this time of year through the eyes of a child full of excitement. I give the gift of kindness and a sincere smile to all. I feel at peace and view my life as the miracle that it is.

What gets you through the rough patches and stress of the holidays?

Furthermore, it’s Thursday! I’ve let many Thursdays go without doing a thankful Thursday. Not today.

Today, I am thankful for the pile of books next to my reading chair that keep me inspired, reflective, and inquisitive; I am thankful for Nana taking the time to teach me to knit when I was a small child; I am thankful for the health that I *do* have despite how ill I’ve been all year; I am thankful that Gabe loves video games as much as I do and will play so I can get the experience of a game and knit at the same time (otherwise mutually-exclusive).

I hope you enjoy today!


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