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Two Things:

While cruising around on Facebook today, two friends shared some neat things with me that I absolutely adore. What more, the two items are related on the themes of simplicity and mindfulness. I’d love to share them with you.


One, an article from the New York Times from August 8 on the new trend of simplicity. The article focused on one couple stuck in the consumer cycle who got out of it and eliminated their debt and multiplied their happiness. They got out before the economic crisis set in. A lot of people have been forced to live simply and spend more time considering their purchases due to the crunch, but all the same, this has led to the widespread discovery of happiness in simplicity, of time spent doing things that matter.

I’ve always had a problem with stuff. I’ve complained to the people in my life and I’ve complained on my blog about how miserable I am with simply having stuff. Things must have value and add value, otherwise they are useless to me. This is part of the reason why I detest consumer driven holidays (all of them) and the stuff associated with them (Hallmark cards, gift shops, etc.). Ick. Ugh. Blech.

Maybe it’s because I hate dusting.

Or maybe it’s because I value my time and the people in my life enough to want to give them the things that really matter:  attention, affection, adventure. If you are constantly taking care of the objects in the life, or worrying about them, how much time is left for your passions and loves?

Image by the blog author from the blog post dated Aug 12, 2010. This is the before shot. Take a look at what it became!

Second was a blog that has inspired a new level of green living in me:  A New Dress a Day. The blog author scours the second hand shops for items to breathe new life into. Inspiring! I’ve seen people do this with old sweaters – find sweaters made with real wool that are down on their luck at second hand shops, felt them, and make new and interesting things out of them. I’m always fascinated by taking an object and making something new and desirable from it. Much like the exhibit that was at the Peabody Essex Museum for a while, the Trash Menagerie. This probably explains my deep love of installation and modern art. At least in part.

One of the items at the PEM exhibit that captured my imagination. Beautiful, isn't it.

So, here’s a question for you, what would you do if your life was simpler? Where would you go? Who would you want in your life?

Isn’t that worth purging the junk for?


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