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I spied with my little eye a woman dressed in white.

advertising gone annoying

My morning classes were complete and I was walking back from Fisher College with one of my c0-teachers. We were about to cross from Beacon to Arlington when we were both pulled out of our remarks on the surprisingly nice weather by sighting a striking woman of Asian heritage in a white jacket and skirt, red heels, red hat, and red handbag. We were bowled over by the unique and assertive attire and the confidence in her stance. As we completed the crossing, we noticed another woman dressed the same way and suddenly wondered what was going on. I thought perhaps it was a performance piece. We were in Boston, right? Perhaps a student at one of the art schools was recording peoples’ reactions to seeing the two women. As we walked along Arlington and then cut in to the park, we noticed another woman. Then another three. By the time we got to the end of the park, we saw 12 or more women dressed in this attire. They were passing something out; I took a card. After being in suspense the entire length of the park, I was rather disappointed, and not at all intrigued, that it was an advertising stunt for a new show on the USA Network that premieres tonight. I was much happier when I thought it was a single beautiful woman in an original and eye-catching outfit.


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