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Cabled Sweater

I’m wearing a cabled sweater tonight that is older than I am. It belonged to my mother before me, and was purchased by my father for her as a birthday present when they were dating and still in high school, or so the story goes. When I was in upper grade school, around 6th grade, I inherited it from her as she was no longer able to fit into it. This sweater has kept me warm every winter since then. I have a bunch of other sweaters in my sweater chest, but this is the one I always pull out when I need warmth and comfort on cold winter nights.

Looking at it closely, I see white thread inside the elbow on the right sleeve where I sewed a hole in middle school. And on the other sleeve is the faintest remnants of tempera paint stains from 6th grade. I was wearing this sweater when I found out I was kicked out of my parents house my senior year. And also on the day Allan and I became an official couple. I think I was also wearing it when we had “the talk” this past spring when we separated. And now, I’m wearing it tonight. Gabe will be here soon and we’ll imbue this sweater with a new memory, a new story.

One response to “Cabled Sweater

  1. Leanne December 18, 2009 at 2:14 am

    I remember that sweater! That’s the Jen I met and became friends with right away! thanks for the picture memory.

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