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Essence of Home.

A house does not simply become a home by adding furniture and people. A house becomes a home through the effort of loving  yourself, loving those who share the house with you, and finding little ways of making that love known.

I’ve seen people get stuck in consumerism in an effort to capture the essence of home. Home isn’t captured, either. These people are constantly off to the store because they think this throw pillow or that bar stool will finally bring the spirits. It’s sad to watch.

One must invite the spirits that make a house a home. One of the best ways I know is through cooking and crafting. I’ve had the chance to test this theory since relocating to Boston. It works. The simple every day acts of cooking, cleaning, and interacting is what makes a house a home.

It takes a while, sometimes, to invite the house spirits that help create home, but it’s well worth it. It took nearly two months for them to find their way from wooded Maine to bustling Boston. But they made it.

They couldn’t resist the call of sweet potato and carrot soup.

And seriously, could you?

This is one of my favorite soups. And it never fails to invite the house spirits. Whenever they seem to have wandered off, I beckon them back with this clarion call.

One response to “Essence of Home.

  1. Gabe September 11, 2009 at 11:42 am

    I say, first-hand, good stuff.

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