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Gratitude Journal Entry 2

Today is an easier day to list positive things for. I actually had positive stuff happen!

1.  A stipend I thought I had lost due to losing sight of a detail was put back on the table. I’m able to correct my minor mistake. I’m +$1000. I don’t know when it’ll come through, but hey, it’s coming my way!

2.  I had an insurance payment kick back on today’s paycheck. +$80.

3.  I got a 10% off one item coupon from Barnes and Noble which will go on AFTER my 20% teacher appreciation discount. I’m going to buy a book (or something) today! I love books!

4.  I got all my grading cleared off my desk. I’m completely and utterly caught up on that front. Just final projects and final exams left to grade.

5.  I have a great bottle of wine I’ll open tonight and have a glass of in celebration of today’s fortunate events. I’ll cozy up in front of my laptop with a glass of wine, M&Ms, a $1 lottery ticket (hey, why not! the stars seem to be in my favor today), and Season 1 Episode 1 of Dexter with some knitting.

Even though it is only 1:30 PM, I’m calling it a day. I’m good with how today has shaped up and I only hope that the evening maintains these good vibrations. And with going on a run, eating a delicious dinner, baking cookies AFTER depositing a fat check and buying a new book, I can’t see how my day could take a turn for the worse today.

About damned time! 🙂


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