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I don’t have time to write a “real” post now since It’s close to 10 and I’m exhausted and tomorrow is a marathon day at school BUT I wanted to let people know I was able to attend a lecture series event at Bates College where Michael Pollan spoke!! So many people showed up that the hosts were in danger of breaking fire code. About 900 people showed up (where on earth are the 900 people in this area???) and 300 had to be sent away because they were sitting up front on the floor of the chapel where the lecture was held. It was such a big deal that Pollan offered to speak again tomorrow morning at 9 am.

Anyone in the greater Augusta area reading this blog and who is available at 9 am tomorrow:  go to Bates and listen to him speak! It’s one of the big events of this period of time.

Most of his speech was right out of his books but was great to hear from his mouth. One of the key features of the Q&A session was the talk about victory gardens.

Remind me to post more when I’m not completely and utterly exhausted late on a school night. I have much more to tell.


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