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Trading Spaces

I swapped workspaces today and it has made all the difference in the world. I had been in the parlor of the hosue, but now I’m in the spare room that hasn’t been used for anything but to stow boxes since we got here. I got it organized, moved my stuff on up, and I’ve cranked out the work! Typically I just tinker, but not this weekend. I got stuff done.

This room has a very similar feel to the workspace I had when we were living in Orono. It was off the beaten path as it was in a little used corner of the house just past the kitchen but it wasn’t too far from the life of the house.

This room is cozy: it has a west-facing window that my laptop sits in front of; it has our spare bed so I can cozy up and read when needed; the bathroom is the next room over; across from the landing is my bedroom. It’s like a little apartment minus the kitchen. I like it because it allows me a place to go to when I need some space.

Being an introvert and being a teacher is a challenge. I spend all day expending energy being social, being in charge, and being professional. When I get home I really need to recharge my batteries. This room allows me to do that.

Prior to the move, my office space was in the heart beat of the house. It was in the same room as the woodstove, and the stairs to the basement, the doors for the bathroom and laundry room were off that room, and it had windows facing the driveway so I was constantly looking outside when I heard a car go by to see if it was pulling in. Because of the location, people were constantly in and out, and thus, conversing with me.

Now I have a quiet space to call my own. I can even pull out my art supplies again and tinker without feeling shy because I can work on stuff in a private space.

I love my new room!


2 responses to “Trading Spaces

  1. LittleWit October 27, 2008 at 11:59 am

    Isn’t it wonderful to find a nice spot in the house where you can be productive? That was one of our criteria in buying a house – a room with a door for my office.

  2. Patty October 27, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    Congratulations! A room of ones own is very important. DH and I were just discussing our basement space – mine – which is a disaster (and that’s being kind!). I have big plans for the holidays when DH is off and we might both be able to tackle that space and make it my own. You’re an inspiration – as usual!

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