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Weekend Report

I love this autumn weather. I love the crisp morning air and the need to wear woolens. I love the falling orange and red leaves. I love the thinning of the trees and the increased solar heating in some of the colder rooms of the house. I love  feeding the wood stove and feeling the warmth radiate through the house. It’s a great season.

And, of course, autumn also means less time for knitting because of school obligations. This past week knitting has been minimal because of an increase in grading, after school obligations, and the need to crack down and get some planning done for the upcoming units. Teaching is a huge time-sink.

Speaking of teaching, parent-teacher conferences went well. I was fearful of one in particular, but that ended up being the best of them all. Not bad, I say.

I made a break-through with planning, too. In school, there was a lot of talk of Understanding by Design and Backwards Planning. I understood the concepts but not really how to accomplish this task. Well, I *finally* figured it out! And so now, of course, I have to refocus and redesign all of my units… So much work! But my courses will be the better for it.

I have been knitting, despite the decreased time for it. I’ve been bringing knitting to lunch, keeping it in my drawer for times when I need to destress during the day, and keeping it in my handbag to knit in the car on the way to get groceries while Allan drives. I’ve been finding the time to put on rows.

Oak Ribbed Socks and Lozenge Pattern Gentlemans Socks (Nancy Bush)

Oak Ribbed Socks and Lozenge Pattern Gentleman's Socks (Nancy Bush)

Here are my two socks in progress. They’re getting there slowly but surely. The problem is truly that I have startitis. I keep starting projects and haven’t finished anything yet. My effort keeps getting spread thin. However, I truly will begin finishing things, soon! I’ve been carrying around the gentleman’s socks to get them done for my father-in-law, and I just cast on for the hat I promised my brother-in-law last winter (bought the yarn and everything!). My goal is to get these gift items out of the way, and then crack down on the personal projects. Progress will be made eventually.

Gentlemans Socks with Lozenge Pattern by Nancy Bush

Gentleman's Socks with Lozenge Pattern by Nancy Bush

At first, I really didn’t like this pattern, the Gentleman’s Socks with Lozenge Pattern. But now it is truly growing on me. I think part of the reason why is because I questioned whether or not the self-patterning yarn was a good match for the pattern. But it’s really looking nice. And it’ll look nicer when it is blocked.

the beginning of Norwegian Star Cap in Berroco Ultra Alpaca

the beginning of Norwegian Star Cap in Berroco Ultra Alpaca

And here is Justin’s hat. He loves orange but doesn’t like looking like a hunter all the time. So, this is the inner part of the hat and the body will be in a grey-green color and the stars will be orange. This way there will be lots of orange but he won’t come across as an outdoorsman.

Alright, I need to quit procrastinating my grading and planning. Until next time, wishing you the best!


2 responses to “Weekend Report

  1. allison October 19, 2008 at 11:09 am

    I, too, understand the benefits and elements of backwards planning and make every attempt to plan with the end in mind…but it’s so freaking time consuming! I know how busy you are, but if you find a spare minute to share with your readers your tips it would be much appreciated! Hooray for breakthroughs!

  2. LittleWit October 21, 2008 at 6:24 am

    Your projects look great. I can’t wait to see them completed. 🙂

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