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Daily Archives: September 29, 2008


This marks the beginning of the fifth week of school. After the long weekends getting things rolling, I’m ready to reclaim my weekends. I sat down yesterday to knit for the first time, outside of the 10 minutes it took to finish Abby’s sweater, in about two months. It was blissful.

I got my cowl-neck vest to near completion. I finished the back and shoulders, grafted them with another successful kitchener stitch project, and then picked up the exact number of stitches needed evenly spaced out, and then realized that I picked up my stitches in the wrong direction! So I had to frog the cowl. That’s okay. Not a big deal. When I sit down on Friday to knit some more, it’ll just take about an hour and it’ll be done. It’s just the cowl and 2 cm around the arms.

I picked up my Oak Ribbed socks in Dragonfly again, the ones with the bright lime, orange and purple stripes, and put on about an inch.

Yesterday felt so wonderful.

I also schemed and dreamed about my upcoming projects:  my reversible cable lace scarf in laceweight Alpaca, my lace watch cap and scarf set, and all those socks! I have an entire winter’s worth of knitting in my basket and not nearly enough time to get it all done in. And I keep wanting to add to the pile, too.

I honestly don’t know why I didn’t reclaim my weekends long before now. I’m already counting down to Friday.