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Daily Archives: September 28, 2008

Apples Apples Everywhere

one of our trees

one of our trees

I have the terrible burden of having three apple trees to make pies, sauce, and jelly from. What a hardship. Oh, what a load to bear. In the last week we’ve made three apple pies and they keep getting better as we learn the quirks of our apples.

Our first pie, the one we baked when my brother came to dinner, was very juicy and the apples didn’t cook to the point of being soft. So we modified. Instead of cutting the apples in quarters like usual, we cut them into eighths and increased the flour by a tablespoon and now they are coming out beatifully.

ugly apples are healthy and happy apples

ugly apples are healthy and happy apples

The pie I am enjoying while writing this post is what we call a Crunch Apple Pie. Essentially, it’s an apple pie with a crisp top. Allan made the crust from scratch this time, too. He did a great job.

While out and about yesterday, we stopped by the antique store in town after a silver tea set caught my eye. Once in the store, we found a Foley Food Mill. It came home with with a small adoption fee of $19. Very soon I’ll be making and canning my own apple sauce!

the cover to Dame Darcys Illustrated Jane Eyre

the cover to Dame Darcy's Illustrated Jane Eyre

Speaking of errands yesterday, I poked my head into our local book store, Apple Valley Books, and came home with Dame Darcy’s Illustrated Jane Eyre. I love how the illustrations emphasize the Gothic elements of this classic Victorian novel. I’m bringing this in as a teacher reference and teaching aid. The illustrations will help students get into the novel and it helps them set the mood for the book. Most students start this book thinking it’s just another boring old novel. And for them, with that mindset, it is. But with the proper frontloading, they can have a very different experience. It is my hope that this book helps get students into the Victorian Gothic genre. It’s one of my favorites.

There was also a copy of Dracula illustrated by a different comic artist but I didn’t have the cash to pick that up, too. Next month!

the preface image to Dame Darcys Illustrated Jane Eyre

the preface image to Dame Darcy's Illustrated Jane Eyre