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Good-bye, Summer.

flower in the veggie garden

flower in the veggie garden

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Today is my last day of summer vacation. The kiddos arrive tomorrow bright and early and I’ll arrive even earlier to make sure my nerves settle before show time. Luckily tomorrow is an easy day – only freshman, snappy casual attire for the semi-casual day full of scavenger hunts and barbecues. I’ll have most of the school day free as I only have two freshmen courses at the end of the day.

The last several weeks have been split between home and school getting ready for the new year. From my long hours of hard work I have most of the year planned and sketched out. As I get into the year, I’ll clarify and define the plan. I feel ready, but not ready enough. Can one ever truly be ready for teaching? I guess I’ll see how things develop over the next few years for an answer.

When not at school planning, I’ve been busy visiting family and participating in a local foods stir fry during a local sidewalk art show. Here are some highlights:

Abby’s Baptism and Visiting my Maternal Extended Family

Little Abby

Little Abby

Attending Abby’s baptism was nice, but awkward. I haven’t stepped foot in a church in years, and for good reason. I am glad I went, though, as it gave me a chance to reconnect with family I haven’t seen since Christmas 2002. Abby smiles more than any baby I’ve met to date. That baby always has a big grin on her face.

Being among my extended family reconnected me with a history I had long buried and disconnected from. It was invigorating to unearth those memories and validate that part of me. It was also heartening to realize that there is family out there that still loves and supports me. Not that my immediate family doesn’t, it’s just that there’s a lot of healing and discussion that has to happen before I can feel close to some members. And some of it I’m not sure will ever happen.

Speaking of Abby, I still have to finish her cardi… I’ll get to it.

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Local Foods Stir Fry at the Winthrop Sidewalk Art Show

Local Foods Cafe

Local Foods Cafe

What a great time this was! The night before was a chopping party at the Friends’ Church (Quakers) and we got all the veggies chopped in an hour! There were probably 15-20 choppers there so it was done very efficiently and quickly. The next day, the same crew set up the tables and cooked for the public during the art show. Allan cooked all day long and loved it. Did I ever mention that he loves to cook? How lucky am I!

Allan at the Local Foods Cafe

Allan at the Local Foods Cafe

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Cabbage Island 2008

looking out over the bay from the porch at Cabbage Island

looking out over the bay from the porch at Cabbage Island

A few days later we were off to Cabbage Island. This is the third (or fourth?) year in a row that the Taylors have gone. This was the first time it was all official family! I really enjoy this tradition. It gets us out on the water. There’s nothing like the smell of the sea.

Kens sock at Cabbage Island

Ken's sock at Cabbage Island

Of course, I brought along knitting to work on while the family ate clam chowder. Go figure, bring someone allergic to sea food to a clam bake! 🙂 Luckily, they also have a delicious chicken meal for those like me. I don’t have pictures of the meal because lobsters freak me out. And I was too busy eating my meal to take a picture.

(For more Cabbage Island photos, click here.)

The Second Wedding Reception

And to wrap up the summer, I had my second wedding reception yesterday hosted by my mother and Lauren Tanner, Leanne’s mom. It was at the LDS Church in Skowhegan. My parents picked up a full sheet cake from my brother’s girlfriend’s brother’s bakery in town. It was delicious and was decorated with images that mirrored the cake from the Hallowell reception.

I reconnected with more friends that I hadn’t seen in years. It was great.

Overall, the most notable trait of this summer is that of reconnection. All summer I made connections with friends and family from the past, people I thought were locked in the vault of memory. I feel much more firmly rooted in my present after having made all these connections again. I hope I can keep these relationships going.

One of the quirks I developed from moving around so much as a child is making clean breaks each time I move. It’s almost like that part of my life is done and it’s time to start over when I am in a new location. Having relationships move forward with me is a new concept I’m slowing growing accustomed to. It’ll take a while before I’m fully comfortable with it despite enjoying it immensely.

Summer, I’ll miss you, but I look forward to Autumn, my favorite time of year!


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