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I've moved

Not internet presence, luckily, even though that would have been FAR easier than the move I just underwent. Allan had been renting a house with his brother, while I’ve been renting an apartment near where we live now. We now live in one house together. To complete the move, we had to pack up and move stuff from both places.  Unfortunately, when we had to move out of my apartment, it was two weeks before we could move into the place we’re in now. So, most of my stuff is split between two households who were willing to store my stuff. Madness and mayhem.

We’re getting unpacked slowly. It’ll take a while. The house is pretty cool and I’ll post details and photos soon.

The big thing that we’re dealing with is no internet access. I’m sitting in a public library sucking down their free wi-fi right now. I may not be posting regularly again for a week or two. We have to find a provider that services our area and that will not charge us insane amounts.

I’ll be back soon!


One response to “I've moved

  1. habitsofamouse July 12, 2008 at 6:46 am

    At least you’re almost done with moving! As nice as it is being in a new place, I’m still scattered around a bit too. We still have some stuff at Mom and Dad’s. We were supposed to have that all “delivered” to us by my brother, but it’s been a crazy week. Just think though: you’re ALMOST there!

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