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I am blessed as a knitter to have a supportive partner: he not only encourages but financially supports my fiber addiction. This has resulted in my recent expenditures on high-end sock yarn (see earlier posts). But of late, I’ve not had to spend money to add amazing skeins to my basket. You see, I met a woman over a bonfire at Amy‘s house that used to work at a fiber store and she doesn’t knit. Read that again. You may be in shock. You read it right, a person worked at a fiber store and did not dip into the luxury that is running the fiber across the fingers while making beautiful items. I still can’t quite believe it myself.

Anyhow, said woman, in a moment of generosity no doubt inspired by s’mores and smoke, offered her stash to me and Amy. And Amy is just starting to knit. So essentially, the stash went to me.

I picked up the booty, er, proffered stash yesterday and I could not believe what I was given: Filatura di Crosa Fisherman 2 Icelandic wool!!!

I left 5 skeins (sky blue and grey) with Amy and took away four skeins of natural, and one each of charcoal, light green, and bark brown icelandic wool, and other odds and ends of wool.

I slept with it last night tucked under my pillow so it wouldn’t disappear on me.

Knowing that I must make something wonderful with this wool, I went to Fiberphilia to seek guidance and inspiration. Cheryl and Michele scoured the stacks of pattern books to help me find just the right thing. Fair isle yoke sweater? Only enough if I “borrow” back the stuff I left with Amy. Vest? Nice, but dime a dozen. Felted bag? Right out.

Eventually, we cracked open Reynolds Lopi vol. 26 and there, in all it’s glory, was the pattern. It is untitled, but I call it the Cabled Cowl-Neck Vest. It’s going to be gorgeous. There is no online representation of this pattern that I can find. Nor can I find anything on the yarn. I’ll take photos tomorrow of the beauty that is this wool when I can do it justice.

In the meantime, I wish you sweet dreams of the softest icelandic wool you can imagine, and then some.


One response to “Windfall

  1. Amy July 1, 2008 at 7:29 am

    If you want a sweater you are more than welcome to the stuff you left with me. Just come get it dude. You know that I don’t know how to do anything with it anyway!

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