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Photographic Evidence.

I wasn’t kidding. And this is after about 4 hours of grading last night, and 80 minutes of grading during the day today. And I have to update grades online by tomorrow. *sobs*

In other news, life is looking up. Allan and I found a good place to live this next year. It’s not ideal, but it’ll work out just fine. One of the science teachers at my school is in the process of getting divorced and his ex-wife just bought a house a few towns away, leaving them with the house that they purchased together. Unfortunately for him, it is in the middle of a major remodeling project and he can’t afford the mortgage on his own. He had to find house-mates or sell the house at a major loss. One of the projects is to finish the two-bedroom apartment over the garage. It’s all insulated, just needs sheet rock, paint, bathroom, kitchen, and flooring. It can get done this summer easily. The house itself just needs the stairs buttoned up (the stairwells are exposed) and put down new flooring as they ripped out all the old carpets. He will live in the apartment when it’s done and let us live in the house. It’s a gorgeous old home and the property is wonderful. And the current projects are easy enough to finish. We’ll be able to garden and keep chickens. And, get this, the little dirt road that runs along the side of the property is Wild Flower Lane. It’s a hobbit’s dream!

Furthermore, I got the itch to knit again. I think I’ll finally finish the Sockotta sock this week! I hope I get to wear them at least once before the end of sock-season.


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