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Flashing Lights

I’ve had an interesting week. Tuesday morning I was out the door early to work. I was thrilled to be at school half an hour earlier than usual because I’d be able to take care of a few odds and ends that I’ve been putting off. Half-way to the school, I realized I forgot the power adapter for my laptop. I turned around to get it. On the road again, and half-way to school, I realize this time I left behind a book with all my comments for a reading discussion on my desk. So I went back, got it, and got back on the trail to school. This time, instead of being half an hour early, I was going to be about 10-15 minutes late, about 7:15. I’m typically at school by 6:55 am. I’m getting ready to turn into the school driveway when I see blue lights behind me. I go ahead with the turn and then pull off to the side. The town sheriff caught me going 5 over in a school zone, at a measly 20 mph. And on top of that, my car’s registration ran out 6 days prior. He went back to his car with all my documents and sat there for about 5 minutes. He was on the radio talking to someone, flipping through charts and books, and studying my documents. I was watching him in the rear view while trying desperately to get Allan on the phone. No luck. The sheriff finally gets out of his car and walks back to mine. “Going against my better judgement, I’m going to let you off with a warning. But just to let you know, going over the posted school zone limit is $500 and driving an unregistered car is another $70. This is your last warning.” I was so lucky.

Now, you’re probably wondering why it’s my last warning. Well, let’s go back two months; same cop, same school parking lot, same time of day, but different car. I was on my way to work, running late, but not speeding, when I see the blue lights. I get pulled over and the sheriff tells me my car is a month out of inspection. He let me off with a warning. This, my friends, was the first time I’ve been pulled over, ever.

Oh, and the story gets better. Being a teacher, and not just a teacher, the newest and a young teacher, people notice me. And people always notice flashing lights. Nearly all my colleagues and students witnessed both times I was pulled over. I don’t know that I’ll ever live it down.

In good news, my principal told me that the school board approved me for a second year of teaching and that they also promoted me to a full time teacher for next year! And I am kicking butt and taking names with running. I’m really looking forward to the race on Saturday!


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