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Farmers' Market Finds

I went to the first farmers’ market of the season in Augusta today at Mill Park on Eastern Ave. For the first day, there was a great showing of tents:  Grasslands Farm with their milk, a lot of produce farmers, bakers, organic meat, and such. The local  hospital had complimentary market bags to give away, too!

One of the tents, that of Pudleduk Famiy Farm, caught my attention. They had colorful aprons flapping, enticing aromas wafting, and a clothes’ rack with three fleeces on it. The scent and the wool drew me over, and the interesting products kept my attention. Specifically, they had these little tiny bags of powered laundry soap. I had to take a closer look. One of my goals is to become greener, and since summer 2007 I’ve been trying to find alternatives for laundry. I took a closer look:  the bag has enough powder for 32 loads of laundry! And it comes with it’s own little scoop! Unfortunately, the laundry soap isn’t listed on their website for me to direct you to. I’ll try it out and let you know what I think soon. I also purchased a bar of European Clay and Tea Tree oil facial soap with a goat milk base. I tried it when I came home and it was nice. We’ll see how my skin reacts to it. (Pictured above. Photo comes from their website.)


One response to “Farmers' Market Finds

  1. allison May 7, 2008 at 8:05 am

    I love farmers’ markets. I find the best stuff there, and it’s motivation to get up early on a nice Saturday morning. Let us know how the laundry soap goes – that sounds interesting.

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