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It surely is spring!

Can you tell (1) that it’s spring, and (2) that I’m on vacation? It’s been nearly a week since I last posted! My dear readers, sorry to leave you hanging.

Friday was History Fair at Monmouth and it was every bit of a, erm, challenge, as predicted by the veteran staff. The students were required to make 2 posters each. Multiply that by about 150 students, plus prints outs to put on the poster, and we nearly kiled an acre of the rainforest. The NHS and/or student council should have put up a booth promoting green and earth-friendly habits, including, not wasting precious paper resources that will simply be thrown away after the event! The paper waste, not even mentioning the rest of the waste, really bothered me. And the students didn’t even seem to get anything out of it. When developing a department-wide exit project, one needs to be sure that there are more check-points along the way, more support, and less waste of materials. That’s why I love doing digital portfolios! 🙂

I’ve been knitting away the break, but have yet to take any pictures. I’ll do that first thing tomorrow. I took out the Noro scarf and started it over with 20 stitches because it was way too wide for a classroom scarf with 25. It’s much better now and about halfway done. My sockotta socks are welll on their way. The first one is complete and the second is about 3″ long. Both projects will be done by the time I head the 100 miles back down the highway to Winthrop.

I’ve been running again! Can you believe it? My runner pal is back in town and she’s been taking me out on 2 mile runs and it feels great! Previously, it would nearly kill me to tackle a mile on the treadmill, and now she has me out running 2 miles, with only 2 walk breaks (very short) the entire distance. It’s amazing what a difference having an experienced running partner makes. Considering I’m pushing running 2 miles straight right now, I’m hoping to be at 5k levels in a month. I want to run two 5k’s and then one 10k before autumn returns. This should be easy to do, depending on what other life stuff crops up.

Currently, I have job applications out in Oregon, Virginia, Washington, and select areas of Maine. I also will complete applications for teaching English as a second language abroad shortly. I have no idea where I’ll be come autumn this year. And there are so many places I’d love to go. I’d love to be in the northwest as much as I’d love to be in Virginia and as much as I’d love to explore foreign countries. I guess I’ll see what options are on the table within the next few months.

In the meantime, in true spring and summer fashion, I’ve broken out the video games. I tried out Dragon Quest 8 but I don’t like the massive amounts of grinding necessary to make progress in the game. I put that away two hours into it. Moving on to Katamari was a good choice. I’ve cranked out 5 stars and 1 constellation in the hour I’ve been playing so far this evening. I love that game. (These are both PS2 games.) I’ve been using console games to distract me from checking my villages on Travian every 2 seconds. I need to let my resources build up so I can do interesting things. Watching my resources grow in number is only a little more satisfying than watching grass grow.

I’ll be on vacation until … Sunday! Hopefully I’ll put up a few more posts between now and then. I’ve got stuff to write about, but I’m so distracted right now. 😛


One response to “It surely is spring!

  1. Jenna April 23, 2008 at 7:33 am

    Hey Jen! If you’re a hundred miles from Winthrop, does that mean you’re with Allan in the Old Town area? I would love to get together with you while you’re here. If it doesn’t work out though, you need to tell me the next time you come up so that we can spend some time together.

    I would have e-mailed you, but I am at work and e-mail is not allowed. They have not yet discovered that we can comment on blogs (*evil laugh*).

    Glad you’re on vacation; you’re such a productive woman, it must feel so good to pour your energy into your projects!

    Take care and be sure to check out my new blog:

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