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Knitting on a Snowy Afternoon

I can’t believe it’s snowing, again, and it’s March 31. Geeze. And it’s not just snow, it’s the nasty freezing rain and snow that is fondly known as a wintry mix. Blech. Blargh. What’s better on such a gross day than hot cocoa with chili powder and knitting!

I finished the heel flap and the turning of the heel today. Now for the gussets and the foot!

I made the leg shorter by 2-1/2 inches because I want these to be lighter spring socks. That and my calves are a little too thick for the number of stitches cast on. I’d have to cast on more and decrease in order to make them fit well. I am really starting to like the colors on this sock! I liked them, then didn’t like them, now I really like them!

In other news, we named Little Bit Clarence! Thanks for all the suggestions and votes on the last post. We decided to go with Clarence because that is the first name I thought of when thinking of names. He’s a real-good napper and bed-maker. And he likes his hamster ball but it’s a little too big for him right now. He’s a little over 3″ when stretched out nose to tail and the ball has a 7″ circumference. I might go get him a 4″ or a 5″, depending on what the smaller size is.

I have mountains of grading and prep work to do for this week so I probably won’t be posting very frequently this week. I hope you’ll excuse the silences. 🙂


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