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Beautiful People

I couldn’t resist posting again tonight. I have so much to express! I cannot say enough how glad I am to be a teacher. I have met so many beautiful and complex people in my classroom. I am so glad that they are in my world and that I have had an opportunity to know them for this little bit of time in their life. I hope that I can effect some positive change for them, leave them a little bit better even if they don’t know it.

I asked one of my classes to complete a long-term portfolio project (thirteen weeks!! eek!) based on Rich Kent‘s  Room 109:  The Promise of a Portfolio Classroom. I am so glad I did. Although some students did not complete it, those that did excelled. And I got to know them in all their confused complexities as adolescents nearing adulthood. I will definitely continue the portfolio method in my classroom for years to come.

Some of my students, unbeknownst to me, were scared to death of sharing their work with “the public” (me) but did anyway. And I’m so glad this student did! This student is an amazingly insightful writer and I’ve encouraged him/her to keep at it! Another student, I lacked faith that s/he would complete a portfolio at all, and lo! I get a monstrous work of heart! I am so proud of my students!

Alright, I’ll get off the microphone now and get back to assessing the portfolios. Cheerio, my dear readers!


One response to “Beautiful People

  1. Cupcake April 1, 2008 at 1:18 am

    That is wonderful! I love portfolio-style learning. In my senior English class in high school, our final project was an “Identity project”- any kind of presentation (art, voice, performance, etc) that would express our “identity” to the class. It was a great experience- the creation as well as the presentation. If you put thought into it and completed it, regardless of the project, you passed. It was fantastic.

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