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Best Idea Ever

So Allan and I were pretty bummed out when our little hamster ran away and died. We felt terrible about keeping this little creature that just wants to run and feel the grass under his little paw in a small cage. Little hamsters escape their cages seeking freedom and adventure. Well, while contemplating the joy of having little fuzz-balls for company and the sorrow of keeping them cooped up in cages, he figured out an ingenious plan we’re going to implement as soon as possible. The idea is to build a terrarium with soil and grass so the little guy can burrow and feel the grass under his feet! And, of course, we’d build tubes to go between the happy space and the playground (the terrarium and the cage). Neat, huh! All we need is some plexiglass and wood to frame it. We’ll be starting right away!


One response to “Best Idea Ever

  1. LittleWit March 27, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    That sounds awesome! Your new little fur ball will be a happy little fur ball 🙂

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