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No School… again.

This time for an ice storm. Didn’t we have this story last week, too? Yep, sure did, last week it was a 2 hour delay for nearly a foot of snow. I’m ready for spring, real honest to goodness spring, how about you?

On this dismal snow day, I have my trusty pot of tea steeping next to my desk, a few knitting projects on the brain, and the whole day ahead of me. I’m hoping to get through the majority of the papers and projects I brought home to grade, get some planning done, and have some time to make some progress on the fancy sock number two.

Speaking of the fancy socks, I’m a little worried. I can’t find fancy sock number one! I’ve pulled everything out of my knitting basket, I’ve checked through my knitting bag, as well as the duffle bag I use when I go away for the weekend. I can’t find it anywhere. I’m hoping that it is hiding on me in Veazie, one hundred miles up the highway, in the couch were I knit when I’m away for the weekend. I’m hoping so much that I haven’t invested all this time and energy into these socks to come away with just one. Have any of you knitters ever lost the mate to a sock before? How did you cope with the loss?

After the fancy socks get finished, and after I find the other one (thinking positive!), I plan to invest my energy in finishing the baby blanket I started for my colleague from the MA Teaching program due this summer. It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll be beautiful. I keep taking it out, though, because I’m not satisfied with how I’m making it. Anyone have tried and true patterns for baby blankets they’d like to share? This is my first one and I’m not satisfied with my off-the-cuff box stitch I created.

In more personal/academic news, I’ve been rereading The American Scholar by R. W. Emerson for my junior Am. Literature class and am realizing that I’m finally in the right place to be reading this speech. I’ve read it several times before in my survey courses in college, but it’s just now sinking in. I’m just now understanding the full weight of his sculpted sentences. I understood this speech intellectually, meaning, I knew what the sentences said and what his main arguments were, but it’s now sinking in and taking root in my … soul. Yes, I’m beginning to change my philosophical view point of the world, or realizing that it wasn’t very well constructed in the first place.

Specifically, I love what Emerson has to say about humanity — that we are all part of the One (Wo)Man and that we should be Man in the field, or Man studying, or Man creating technology, not a computer technician, or a farmer, or a scholar. In essence, he saw that humanity was being compartmentalized in such a way that it stripped the human elements right out of people. We’ve become cogs and it’s just gotten worse since he gave this speech in 1837, nearly 60 years after our country gained independence.

Allan and I hope to someday be in a community that values each member, including the elderly. He and I lament the loss of multi-generational households, the Native American model of living, where the elderly and the children took care of each other in the village proper and the men and women, the parents, would perform the labor to keep the community going. There’s very little room for such a model in our current social structure because we’ve become so fractured, so individualized. I think I’ll stop here for now so I can gather my thoughts for a real post on this topic in the future.

Anyhow, good morning, my dear readers, I hope you have a great day!


3 responses to “No School… again.

  1. LittleWit March 6, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    If you want a basic, no frills baby blanket I have made this one about 6 times now and each new mother has really enjoyed it. I usually make them out of sugar n cream cotton so they are easy to care for and I am told that they have really held up.

  2. Patty March 11, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    Good luck finding that other sock. I once lost my first pair of knitted socks but they turned up again…thank goodness!

    Sorry, no tried and true baby blankets. I have one that I designed half finished and that’s my first and only!

  3. Leanne March 12, 2008 at 10:52 am

    O.k. I’m having issues with an article of clothing that I am knitting. I know how to yarn-over, (from knit to knit, and from purl to purl,) but how do you do it between a knit and purl stitch? sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Have you had to do this? I’ve frogged this particular item 3 times now. VERY FRUSTRATING!

    Baby blanket-wise, there is one that I am dying to try…In a book called Adorable Knits for Tots. (Mellor) It looks SO COZY, It has a quilt-look to it. So cute! Her Patterns are super easy to follow, and the end product is fabulous.

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