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Gathering Momentum

I’ve been focused in on teaching the last several days, as I should be since it’s my job and I’ve been out sick or on vacation the last month. Knitting has taken a backseat to lesson planning, next year’s curriculum design, grading, advising, and all those other aspects that require me to put in close to 60 hours each week, on light weeks.

However, I have been knitting diligently when I can. I bring my second fancy sock to school each day and put on a few rows after I eat my lunch. I’m lucky to have a 40 minute lunch! I eat in about 10-15 minutes (yogurt and granola) and then sit there with my colleagues and knit. It’s a great way to lower my stress and gather clarity.

Clarity is one thing in short supply for me lately. I have these ideas for how to teach something and the minute I sit down to try and capture it in a lesson or a unit, it’s gone. I’m grasping at clouds. My creative writing is the same. I’ve simply been maintaining the habit by journaling each day and blogging frequently.

Could this be a bad case of winter blues? It seems like most of the people I know or the blogs I read express a loss of drive, of purpose, of the umph to get up and do the simple things we need to do each day to keep life going smoothly.

I also haven’t run in, oh, about 5 weeks. I don’t think I’ll be running that March 16th race after all. Maybe a race in April? I’ll get back on the treadmill tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow:  snow day number nine? It just may be.


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