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Art, Snow, and Breakfast

Yesterday, Allan and I went to an art show at Lord Hall at UMaine for John Whalley, a Maine artist in his fifties. The graphite piece above is The Carpenter (1996). This is one of his many pieces, but I spent nearly half an hour studying this one because of the intricacies of the detail and how wonderfully the sweater was treated. Below are some photos I took of the piece at the exhibit.

I simply love realist art. Is it any surprise that John Whalley and Alan Magee are friends? And they’re also my favorite contemporary artists (well, among the many). And they’re both from Maine. Rock on.

We left the exhibit to find this:

This one is for all the people out there jealous of the snow. You can have it. I’ll even go out, shovel it up, box it, and ship it to you.

And then this morning Allan and I went out to breakfast at Dysarts. I love taking photos of breakfast: the food, the setting, the people. I love breakfast. It is by far my favorite meal of the day. Unfortunately, as a teacher, I get up too early to eat a “real” breakfast. I always end up eating cereal, or toast and jam, or a soft boiled egg and toast. Not that those are not good breakfast meals, it just leaves something to be desired. This morning, Allan and I split a meal. It came with two huge blueberry pancakes, two eggs over easy, and a huge piece of ham. I also ordered a blueberry muffin to go with it. There simply were not enough blueberries!

The spread.

What we took home as leftovers for Allan’s brother. There’s a second layer of pancake under that visible one. I told you they were huge.

The bill. I love feeding three people a mega-breakfast for $11! Gotta love truck stop restaurants!!


One response to “Art, Snow, and Breakfast

  1. carrieskitchencreations February 23, 2008 at 11:27 pm

    I love breakfast too! 🙂

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