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The Reading List

This post is all about books, baby! I’ve regained some of my energy for free reading this break and I picked up two new books from Fogler Library on the University of Maine campus:

Teaching the Art of Poetry: The Moves. Baron Wormser and David Cappella.

I read most of the introduction to Teaching the Art of Poetry while at the library and it sounds fantastic. The focus is on teaching what the structure of poetry is and allow students to develop meaning on a personal level. They liken understanding poetry to playing basketball. There are certain rules, movements, and positions and it is a combination of all these things that make up the game of basketball. The poem is like making the basket. It takes a whole series of steps along the way to get to the ball into the basket. And each person is like a basketball player: everyone has different skill levels. Not everyone is Michael Jordan, but that doesn’t stop you from playing! This book approaches a function or structure of poetry and discusses it in a conversational, modern tone directed towards secondary educators. And each section is complete with a week’s worth of lessons to try out. Not bad, huh.

Studies in Poetry: The Visionary. J. M. Beach.

I peeked through Studies in Poetry but didn’t really get anywhere because my attention was focused on the first book I listed. It sounds interesting though, for a poetry geek like me. 🙂

I’m looking forward to digging into these books.

P. S. I changed up my reading list page on my blog. It now contains a link to my Google Spreadsheet with all my book lists.


One response to “The Reading List

  1. Kassandra February 21, 2008 at 10:36 am

    Hi Jen,
    The more you know the more there is to know, as the saying goes. Anyway, it’s nice to know someone else is still scouring the stacks at UMaine looking for innovative material on ways to teach. Kindergarten seems simple enough, still it’s amazing how many theories are involved in teaching 26 letters and counting to 30!
    It was nice to chat and lunch yesterday. Hope the new day has brought brighter prospective. 🙂

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