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Dress Shopping Pt. II

I neglected some of the funnier and finer points of yesterday’s adventure of dress shopping. So, we get into the shop and maneuver around the myriad of dress racks and fabric and allow our eyes to adjust to the rainbow of colors. Amy and I poke around the racks to see what’s there. Within moments the proprietor comes out to greet us and show around the shop. It’s a very tiny space with a lot in it. In order to move around in the shop, you have to dance with the other people in the space. We tell Thanya that I’m in the market for a non-traditional wedding dress. She sizes me up with her eyes and grabs a bunch of dresses she thinks would look wonderful on me. And they did, for the most part. Some were too small in the chest and wouldn’t zip all the way, but for the most part, this woman knew my sizing to a t. I tried on the blue dress and Amy and Thanya oo’d and awe’d over it. I liked it, but I felt like all the attention would be on my boobs, not on my face. I like attention on my face. So off it goes. I tried on the wine colored one and loved it! So did they. Thanya adjusted the bow and smoothed the dress over my body and said that the best part of this A-line dress is that it hid the wide part of my body, namely my hips. Luckily, I’m not sensitive about such things.

A little later on, when I tried the wine colored dress on again, a woman and a young Thai student walked into the shop. I was prancing, twirling, and beaming in the dress. Amy was talking with Thanya about how the dress accentuated my chest well but that the lace under the bodice needed adjustments because any bra we could find to go with the dress would end up peeking through. I look at the student after my second twirl around, and oh my goodness, it hit. That young man in the room wasn’t just any young man. He was one of my students!! I turned bright as the dress I had on and quickly made my get-away to the dressing room. Oops!


One response to “Dress Shopping Pt. II

  1. Michelle February 18, 2008 at 6:35 am

    That’s funny about your student showing up. Ha ha. Did you say anything to him? If you want to bring attention to your face, I would suggest not showing as much skin (including shoulders). Those fabrics are really beautiful, I think the green goes well with your complexion.

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