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WIP: Allan's Fancy Socks

Look at all that progress! It went from this:

…to the first picture in just a day’s worth of off and on knitting! It has given me the hope that I can, indeed, finish it this weekend! Imagine that. 🙂

I made all this progress because today was Winter Carnival at school. We had a snow day Wednesday, and Thursday we were home due to power outages, and then Friday, grand wonderful Friday before February vacation, was Winter Carnival. The kids were off the wall all day, but then, it is a day of fun and games designed for them for this purpose. I signed up to conduct one event, ping pong, and I was free all day long to knit! I sat on the stage while the kiddos played four corner volleyball, ran relays, ate cream pies, and did all sorts of shenanigans. Personally, I think that Winter Carnival is a waste of time and energy because the only students that participate are the student council members and the athletes. Everyone else just wanders the halls and causes trouble. I’d rather have … a regular day of school. To top it off, Winter Carnival lasts for a whole week at my school. A whole week of after school activities and distractions. Nearly all the teachers at my school feel t his way but dear ol’ WC is likely to stay for a while to come.


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