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Irish Sharfik

This is not the most flattering picture of the Irish Sharfik, but its the best one I’ll have for a long time. One of the things I dislike about living alone is that there is no one to help out with photo shoots. I may attempt some shots of the scarf outside tomorrow if I get out of work early enough.

I really enjoyed creating this scarf. It has so many memories knit into it. I have the memory of Katherine and when she presented the yarn to me at Governor’s after breakfast. The memory of hand winding that huge skein and knocking a glass of chocolate milk of the shelf and onto my books. The memory of knitting this on the plane to and from Florida this past holidays vacation. The memory of all the people who commented on it in the airport in Orlando. The memory of knitting to sooth my stress at work during lunch. The memory of finishing the scarf at my fiance’s new home in Orono this past weekend and smelling the chicken soup he made for me. I love knitting because each item has these kinds of memories attached. Knitting is not a solitary act. Nor does it stand alone. Knitting holds life together.


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