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Egads. More Snow?

If you can’t quite tell how much it’s snowing in this picture, look at the building. This is the bank next door to my apartment building and I took this picture looking out my window because I was certainly not going out for a photo-op.

What does this mean? More time for planning the school week ahead (yes! I am well enough to return to my kiddos!) and more time for knitting (ugh! it’s become stressful now!).

Last night, after posting, I sat down with my brother-in-law’s scarf I began in January in a moss stitch and to practice my continental knitting and purling. Believe you me, this is not the best way to practice. Or, maybe it is. Either way, I spent about 45 minutes on it and decided I simply could not knit anymore because it was making my brain hurt and my fingers ache. You see, they keep wanting to knit in the old way, not this new way. It’ll take a long time to build up new muscle memory.


One response to “Egads. More Snow?

  1. Carly February 10, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I like the socks a lot more now that I’m knitting them than I did when Jake chose the pattern. I might have to do a pair for myself 🙂

    That is a LOT of snow. . . I miss the beauty of it when everything is white & quiet.

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