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Can't Win.

So, my friends, the last few weeks have been oh so fun for me. Last week I was out of work for three days with the flu. This week, I’ve been out two days so far and will probably be out another two (Thursday and Friday) with bronchitis. And, it gets better, I have to be careful since I have asthma. Since I’ve been weakened so much by the flu, I could develop pneumonia easily. Wonderful news, huh!

Yesterday when I decided it was time to see a doctor, I called the clinic I set up my insurance with. Come to find out, the clinic never processed my registration form in November and they closed to new patients in December. So I called 11 clinics yesterday before I found one that was accepting new patients and that could see me sooner than April for an acute visit. This clinic is in Lewiston; half an hour down 202 from me.

The roads were terrible today. We had a lot of snow last night and into the afternoon today and it turned into icy slush. Not fun. It took an hour and ten minutes to drive the stretch that would normally take thirty. And I went off the road. I was headed down a little incline and lost traction (I was going 25 mph in a 55 zone) and was sliding towards a tractor trailer. I took my foot off the gas and steered, gently, away from the truck. The tires caught traction suddenly and spun me around and sent me tail first into the ditch. Talk about scary. Luckily, though, I had two cars stop for me and I was pushed out of the bank within a minute of getting into it. Thank goodness!

So anyhow, I’m home with my orange juice and fleece pajamas wondering what I’ll do with myself. I’m too dizzy to knit, I’m out of movies, and I can’t focus on a book. Maybe it’s time to listen to some new music.

**Update:  I checked my health log and I’ve been sick since around January 16!! Geeze! Give a gal a break already. A head/chest cold, the flu, and now bronchitis. Yuck.

***Update:  I can knit! The dizziness is gone! Expect some FO’s soon!


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