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Sick Days are No Fun.

Everyone dreams of time off from work. It’s inevitable, even if you love your job. Well, I have today, and probably tomorrow, off. And let me tell you, my reasons are no fun. The last few days I’ve felt run down, achey, and have had a headache. I attributed these symptoms to the end-of-the-quarter crunch, increasing my running routine, and dealing with attitudinally challenged youth all day. Then this morning the full force of the flu hit me like a ton of bricks. By the time I realized I should call in, it was a little too late, so I drove the 10 minutes in to school to inform the secretary in person that I’m ill and to get things ready for a sub. I typed, printed and organized. I neatly arranged everything on my desk and then left.

I got home, sat in my armchair near the computer, and promptly fell asleep for two hours. When I woke up, I was no better. I’ve been dealing with the classic flu symptoms all day so far. It hasn’t been pretty.

The worst part of the whole scenario is that I don’t have the mental concentration or physical stamina to knit or to watch interesting films. I tried watching Stray Dog (1949, Toshiro Mifune) but I couldn’t keep up with the subs, and I kept nodding off. This is a major problem because I’ve never fallen asleep to a Mifune film before. He’s smoking.

So, in light of my present physical state, I have the following line up ready for this evening’s viewing pleasure:


High Fidelity,

and Together.

All of these are tried and true favorites. Gotta love ’em on sick days!


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