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Commitment to the Goal

It’s time to make chili. It’s been nearly 8 months since the last batch and it stayed in Florida with the BIL. Here I am, on a cold weekend, with all the ingredients, getting ready to make my super-secret, super-wonderful chili. I went out yesterday gathering the ingredients and tools to make it. Stop to Hannaford for veggies and beans: check. Stop to Wendy’s for a Frosty and chili oil packets: check. Frosty? Chili oil? You wonder. Ah, yes, here’s a story.

My MIL makes good chili, not as good as mine, but really good. One day she divulged her secret to me. She includes the contents of 5 Wendy’s chili oil packets per batch and for some reason, it melds and blends all the flavors together into chili-heaven-goodness. As I was preparing my shopping list, I realized I don’t have a single packet anywhere as I don’t eat fast food.

I bundled up to brave the cold at 5 pm yesterday on my way into Augusta for the ingredients, including the chili oil packets. I drive in and park the car at the chain restaurant, go in, and try to figure out what on earth I can order, that won’t make me ill, because I can’t throw out food on principle, and I finally decide on a teensy-weensy Frosty. I ordered my Frosty and asked for some chilli oil packets. The girl at the counter looked at me funny, but grabbed them anyway. She plopped down 8 on the counter. I beamed and told her that this was the secret ingredient in my chili. “Is that the case, then?” She and another girl both grabbed fistfuls of the little gold packets and plopped them on the counter. Success!

On the way home, even though it was so incredibly cold, I braved eating the Frosty. I had the heat all the way up in my car. I have always loved Frosty’s despite the lack of nutrients and the grainy texture. By the time I returned home, I was completely chilled and wished I had made a better decision, but one must be dedicated to one’s cause, after all.


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